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天魁 Tian Kui

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire (Bing 丙)

- enables the yang variety of 貴 guì = noble, of high rank; of an honoured rank or position; costly, dear, expensive

- permits talent and fame

- represents 貴 guì of the daytime

Looks, appearance: The person is of a majestic appearance, and has an awe-inspiring bearing.

Disposition: The native of Tian Kui has power, might, and prestige, and is revered, feared, and regarded with awe. He or she is also of the appearance of friendliness.

Individuality: This star gives the means to male guiren. It effectuates assistance and help of the material and substantial kind. The individual is partial to creating and producing new stuff; to open up for development.

      Tian Kui signifies 科名 kē​míng = scholarly honours; rank obtained in imperial examinations. It betokens male guiren. From guiren of the older generation the person receives help and support that is very discernible, clear, obvious. There is aid and assistance of the tangible and material variety.

The native of this star is kind-hearted and good-natured. He or she is rather dignified and awe-inspiring. The individual has a powerful ability to analyse things. Envisaging stuff, thinking things through, the person is attentive and thorough. Speaking, the native holds sway; to be of weighty speech; to exert influence talking.

This star enables the individual being magnanimous, morally elevated, noble, and dignified. Tian Kui has to do with scholarly honours and official rank; fame and glory. In style and manners the person is elegant and refined. The native is frank and outspoken; to say what one thinks without much deliberation. The individual means what he or she says; to stand by one's word. Because of being honest and straightforward, the person can offend other people. It is unlikely that the native will cover up the truth. With this star the individual is fond of meddling; to be too inquisitive about other people's business; to be a "nosy Parker". In the instance of a problem or predicament, ...[?].

The native does rather not accept losing, the consequence of which is coming across as arrogant and haughty. It is improbable that the individual of Tian Kui will easily obey and serve others. The person of this star has a great ability to comprehend things. His or her power of understanding is high.

Tian Kui is beneficial for imperial examinations.

Tian Kui gives the means to 逢凶化吉 féng​xiōng​huà​jí​ = misfortune turn to blessing; to turn an inauspicious start to good account. It has the ability to eliminate disaster and do away with distress and adversity.

Peach blossom trouble and an extramarital affair will in general involve someone older/senior.

With this star there is a helping hand and assistance that is in the open, public, clearly visible. Tian Kui represents favourable circumstance and strokes of luck by reason of males.

The person... [?].

After the age of 50 Tian Kui changes into its opposite and will signify 小人 xiǎo​rén​ = individual of low social status, nasty person, vile character. The native easily comes across turmoil, distress, disturbances, hindrances, things don't go smoothly; or reveals shortcomings, faults, weak points.

Additional associations (personages):

- 天降貴人 guiren descended from Heaven

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