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地劫 Di Jie

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- Yang Fire (丙 Bing)

- signifies 劫殺 jiéshā = to rob and kill

- represents defeat and loss

Looks, appearance: The nose is facing upward and is exposed.

Disposition: The person of Di Jie is partial to squandering and wasting and is not economical and frugal.

Individuality: In behaviour and action the individual is strange, unusual, monstrous, weird, eerie. Di Jie is associated with 車禍 chē​huò = traffic accident, car crash, road accident. And 水難 shuǐnàn = water disaster; flood damage. This star has to do with fright and shock; to scare, terrify, alarm suddenly, startle. The native encounters defeat, ruin, destruction.

      Di Jie is the number two 劫 jié star. [劫 = adversity, calamity; to plunder, rob; to seize by force, coerce.] It engenders 虛耗 xūhào = to consume for nothing, to use up in vain; to waste, squander. And 破敗 pò​bài = to lose, to be defeated; failure, destruction, damage. The fluctuations and rises and falls put forth by this star are for the most part disadvantageous. With Di Jie it is unfavourable carrying out commercial activities; the person should take to 買空賣空 - to buy and sell short (i.e. without having to pay cash); to speculate in stocks.

Di Jie is a Kong Wang star. It brings about loss and damage; to use up, consume. And the entering of robbing and plundering. It is rather harmful what with wealth and money, and love, romance, and relationships (with the appearance of 'first to be without, afterwards to have').

The individual of this star is intelligent, bright, and smart. In responses and reactions he or she is quick, clever, and sharp. Di Jie will indicate having a thin and small build. The native has special characteristics, being unusual and peculiar. As regards character and temperament, the person is changeable, mercurial, varied; to be fickle. The individual moreover has a strong and vigorous personality.

Di Jie represents material stuff, physical things. Hence comparatively much wear and tear to property and belongings.

Di Jie in Ming is akin to 浪裡行船 lànglǐxíng​chuán = to sail a boat on large waves.

The native has indifferent and weak family relationships.

With this star the person has a predestined affinity with religion; to be brought together with religion by fate.

Di Jie gives rise to physical and material things becoming broken, damaged, worn out, destroyed, wasted, spent, squandered.

The individual of Di Jie gets an inkling that he or she doesn't matter, and that other people don't value him or her. Frequently the native feels petty and low-grade; to abase oneself, to be self-abased. The person thinks that he or she is inferior to others. The individual is liable to become depressed and frustrated. The native lacks self-confidence; to be short of a belief in oneself.

Additional associations (personages):

- 劫財搶錢的賊狀元 [?]

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