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地空 Di Kong

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire (丁 Ding)

- represents 空亡 Kong Wang.

- signifies much calamity and disaster

Looks, appearance: The nose faces upward and is exposed.

Disposition: The person of this star wastes and squanders and is not frugal and economical.

Individuality: In thought and thinking the native is extreme. The individual tends toward 天馬行空 tiān​mǎ​xíng​kōng = a heavenly steed soaring across the skies; to separate oneself from reality and what's actual and practical. Di Kong is associated with 墜樓 zhuì​lóu = to fall off a building; to commit suicide by jumping off a building. There is also an affinity with the way of the monk, the practice of Daoism.

      Di Kong is the number one 劫 jié star. [劫 = calamity; to rob, plunder; seize by force, to coerce.] It generates 虛耗 xūhào = to use up in vain, to consume for nothing; to waste, squander. And 破敗 pò​bài = to be defeated, to lose; failure, destruction, damage. Di Kong will for the most part engender unfavourable rises and falls. This star is disadvantageous for carrying out commercial activities; the person ought to engage in 買空賣空 - to buy and sell short (i.e. without having to pay cash), to speculate on the stock market.

Di Kong is a Kong Wang star. It gives rise to much disaster and personal misfortune. Calamity occurs. Di Kong is rather detrimental what with money and wealth (with the appearance of 'first to have, afterwards to lack').

This star denotes stuff of the mind and thoughts; mental aspects.

In Ming or Shen the native has a lot of ideas. He or she is fond of indulging in flights of fancy; to let one's imagination run wild; to have a bee in one's bonnet; an unrealistic utopian fantasy. Regarding the mind and spirit and what's psychological, there is an excess of hollowness, meaninglessness, emptiness, and numerous vexations and worries.

Di Kong in Ming is akin to 半天折翅 bàn​tiānzhéchì = to break a wing midair.

The individual of this star has weak and indifferent family relationships.

The person of Di Kong is brought together with religion by fate. There is a predestined affinity with religion.

Di Kong means wear and tear to love, romance, and relationships.

The native is of an above average ability to initiate thinking, considerations, thoughts.

Additional associations (personages):

-  空忙一場的努力 person who in vain strives hard

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