Sunday, 6 February 2011

右弼 You Bi

Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- facilitates 助力 zhùlì = assistance, help, a helping hand

- You Bi is a helping hand star to Zi Wei

- this star betokens someone in an imperial/official/government position who... [?].

Looks, appearance: The individual is kind and warm, and proper and regular.

Disposition: The person appreciates handing out forgiveness. The native calculates and plans and takes to strategies or tactics designed for variable conditions; to be shrewd and quick-witted.

Individuality: You Bi indicates help of the psychological kind. The individual bustles about; to be busy. There is much help received; to be well-supported. With You Bi there is increase; to strengthen, reinforce. The person is disposed to 感情 gǎn​qíng = [?].

      You Bi is a guiren star. It signifies help and support; and to assist a ruler in governing a country.

With this star the native takes to being in control; to be in charge of. The individual is bright, smart, clever, and intelligent. He or she is capable and competent. The person is quick-witted and resourceful. The native possesses a desire to do better; to have an urge for improvement. He or she has ambition and is of aspirations.

There is emphasis on... [?].

You Bi represents being proficient in writing and culture. The individual is upright and just. With this star there is a fondness for handing out help. Working and handling matters the person is careful and cautious. He or she takes to strategies.

If You Bi is in Ming without the presence of any major star(s), it is appropriate to attach importance to visiting and saluting one's parents.

You Bi in the Spouse palace is indicative of the spouse easily having an affair.

Past love affairs are often engraved in the native's memory. There is the case of 重情惜情 zhòngqíngxīqíng = ... [?].

You Bi is a lucky star and denotes help and support. (With the presence of both You Bi and Zuo Fu, there will be an unending stream of aid and backing.) The presence of sha stars won't lead to helping tyrant Zhou in his oppression.

Offering help and backing to others leads to receiving aid and assistance in return.

This star stands for 善 shàn = friendly, good, virtuous, kind; to perfect, to make a success of.

Additional associations (personages):

- an outstanding assistant who... [?].


John Jake said...

When in You bi is in Career Palace, does this mean that the success of an individual is in his chosen career? specially when Zuo Fu is at the Wealth Palace?

Viktor said...

Hi John.

I'm not certain I understand what you're asking. When You Bi is in the Career palace, this could indicate getting help and assistance in one's profession. And that one is good at making plans and is organised. If Zuo Fu is san he Career, the Career palace sees both Zuo Fu and You Bi, signifying double the backing and support. (And additionally in circumstances to do with money and wealth since Zuo Fu and You Bi will be in configuration with the Wealth palace.) But of course you'll also have to take into account inauspicious stars possibly affecting Career and Wealth, etc.