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擎羊 Qing Yang

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire or Metal (Bing 丙 or Geng 庚)

- gives the means to 刑 xíng = punishment, sentence, penalty; torture, corporal punishment

- represents 刑傷 xíngshāng = to kill and injure; wound, trauma, and injury after being beaten, tortured, executed

Looks, appearance: The native has an ugly appearance. The individual's physique... [?].

Disposition: The person of Qing Yang is firm and unyielding. He or she... [?]. In behaviour and conduct the native is brave and courageous. But he or she is also cruel, brutal, mean, merciless, and ruthless.

Individuality: Qing Yang denotes 殺傷力 shā​shāng​lì = lethality, execution, antipersonnel force; the killing or wounding power of a weapon. This star betokens massacres; a bloody scene. And lawsuits. The individual is irritable, rash, and impatient. He or she is partial to what's unpeaceful and restless.

      Qing Yang puts forth 災煞 zāishà = [disaster and calamity]. It is a star testifying to harm, injury, wounds.

This star has to do with blood; and bleeding from being cut, killed, or slaughtered. It brings about quarrelling right and wrong. Qing Yang is associated with beheading and decapitation. And operations; to perform or have an operation. The person of this star is eager to be first; to be ambitious and eager to do well in everything. He or she is intense, fierce, vehement, keen, and ferocious. The native does not admit defeat. The individual does easily take to revenge and retaliation; to make reprisals. With Qing Yang it is appropriate tending toward 修心養性 xiū​xīn​yǎng​xìng = to improve oneself by meditation; to cultivate the heart and nurture the character.

The person of Qing Yang is impulsive and hasty. When meeting with things the native is easily impetuous and becomes impatient. Looking at it positively, the individual is active and energetic, and has foresight and perspicacity.

In Ming and Shen this star often represents wounds, injury, trauma; and broken bones, fractures. On the body there will necessarily be left a scar; remnant of former damage.

Qing Yang gives the means to being unable to remain calm; to lose one's cool; to get impatient.

With this star the person is suited for the military or police force. He or she... [?]. The native could also have success being a lawyer.

Qing Yang signifies 權力 quánlì = power, authority; 爭 zhēng = to compete for, vie, contend; to dispute, argue; 開刀 kāidāo = to operate or be operated on; to behead, decapitate; to make somebody the first target of attack; 破相 pòxiàng = to be marred by a scar, to disfigure; 意外 yìwài = accident, mishap; 財破 cáipò = damaged or destroyed money, wealth, riches. But, with Qing Yang misfortunes and disaster do not linger. The aftermath is over very quickly (... [?]).

Regarding this star, ...[?]. It is auspicious being born in an Earth branch year and having Ming in either Chou, Chen, Wei, or Xu. Qing Yang in Zi, Mao, Wu, or You is the most inauspicious. In Zi or Wu together with lots of lucky stars is less severe.

Additional associations (personages):

- Also called 羊刃 [goat blade]

- 帶刃帶殺的血光客 [?]

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