Saturday, 26 February 2011

鈴星 Ling Xing

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire (丁 Ding)

- engenders 殺 shā = to slaughter, kill; to fight, go into battle; to abate, reduce, weaken; to counteract, take off

- Ling Xing represents a character and nature that is intense, fierce, staunch, and stern

Looks, appearance: The hair is unusual, strange, surprising. The person... [?].

Disposition: The individual of this star tends toward 好大喜功 hào​dà​xǐ​gōng = to strive to achieve extraordinary things; ambitious for great achievements; to rejoice in grandiose deeds. The native is partial to what is quick, rapid, plain-spoken, and forthright. He or she discards what's still, quiet, secure, safe, and calm. Not only does the person take to high-speed, but he or she is also somewhat boorish and rough in actions.

Individuality: The individual... [?]. The native of Ling Xing is disposed to invasion, aggression, incursion; to invade, aggress. The person is impulsive and impetuous; to explode, to lose one's head.

      This star signifies 號令 hàolìng = a verbal command, orders; a military order; a bugle call expressing military order. It has also to do with reputation and renown.

The individual's appearance is exceptional, abnormal. With regard to temperament and character, Ling Xing betokens someone whose mood and frame of mind is heavy and hard; to be cold and detached. The native of this star is also intense, stern, and fierce. The person takes to envy and jealousy. The individual is outstandingly daring and bold. He or she is reserved and does not tend toward speaking and talking.

Ling Xing puts forth 艷麗 yàn​lì = distinct and beautiful, garish and good-looking. It allows what is shining and glittering and dazzling. There is beautiful unruliness and wild nature.

With this star there is easily injury or wound to the limbs after corporal punishment.

Ling Xing... [?]. There are rapid and sudden changes. Ling Xing dreads seeing Hua Ji.

In reactions and responses the native is rapid, sharp, and forthright. He or she is quick-witted and able to think fast in an emergency; to be of nimbleness of mind in dealing with emergencies and crises. Handling affairs and dealing with circumstances the person is firm and decisive and will exhibit him- or herself. The individual strives to achieve extraordinary things; to rejoice in grandiose deeds. He or she loves showing off. In his or her heart and mind the native is rather narrow and small. Therefore, the person meets with unexpected success and unexpected defeat. The individual... [?], ... [?]. As a result, the native of this star is distinct and peculiar and has special characteristics.

With Ling Xing there can be talent in music.

Additional associations (personages):

 - 冷靜沈默的殺手 a valiant and dauntless soldier, or killer/murderer/assassin, or formidable athlete/competitor who is calm/cool-headed and taciturn/silent.


Bloomin' said...

Hi Viktor, great job on the translations! They're a great help. Have you read "The Emperor's Stargate" by Cheung Kwong Yin? It's the only English-language book that discusses Zi Wei Dou Shu. In it Cheung says that Ling Xing and Di Kong when placed in opposite palaces have a "transforming" or "uplifting" effect on both palaces. Have you ever heard of this?

- 4blossoms

Viktor said...

Hi. Thanks. I do own a copy of that book.

It's true that the so-called "bad" stars aren't necessarily always malevolent and the "good" ones invariably auspicious. 'Fair is foul and foul is fair'. I guess too much of a good thing isn't desirable either.

There are star configurations showing how the sha stars can also be propitious: