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陀羅 Tuo Luo

Translated from here.

- Yin Metal (Xin 辛)

- gives the means to 忌 jì = to be jealous of, envy; fear, scruple, dread; to abstain from, shun, avoid; to give up, quit

- stands for quarrels and disputes

Looks, appearance: The individual of Tuo Luo is of an ugly appearance. His or her physique... [?].

Disposition: The native is staunch, firm, and unyielding. The person... [?]. In conduct and behaviour the individual of this star is courageous and brave. But he or she is also merciless, ruthless, brutal, cruel, and mean.

Individuality: Tuo Luo has to do with hesitancy; to hesitate in making a decision. There are obstacles, the native meeting with restrictions, frustrations; to be hampered and hindered. There is the case of 三心二意 sān​xīn​'èr​yì = to vacillate; to be of two minds; to change one's mind constantly; to be half-hearted and hesitant. The native is partial to unsteadiness. The person also tends toward 鑽牛角尖 zuān​niú​jiǎo​jiān =  to take unnecessary pains to study an insignificant or insoluble problem; to split hairs; to get into a dead end or blind alley; to bash one's head against a brick wall. This star gives rise to 爆烈 bàoliè = violent explosion; to explode/blow up ferociously.

      Tuo Luo signifies 忌 jì. It also represents 蹉跎 cuōtuó = to waste time; to idle one's time away; to take a wrong step in life. The individual... [?].

The native of this star is both brave, daring, and valiant, and mean, brutal, and ruthless.

This star puts forth 拖延 tuōyán = to delay, procrastinate, stall, hold off; 延後 yánhòu = to postpone, defer, put off; and 打轉 dǎzhuàn = to spin, revolve, rotate, whirl. Tuo Luo engenders slow movement and action. Working and handling matters, things aren't straightforward and clear-cut. The person is fond of 拖泥帶水 tuō​ní​dài​shuǐ = to wade in mud and water; to be sloppy or slovenly in speaking or doing things. Everything comes to fruition slowly and in the evening.

When Tuo Luo is in Ming or Shen the individual is comparatively stubborn and obstinate as regards thought and thinking. He or she does not very often join in with family and relatives. There could also be a generation gap.

Planning matters, or looking for a job, the native encounters obstructions and hindrances. There are rather many worries and upsets.

In Ming, Shen, or Health, the person is liable to meet with a secret or hidden ailment, for example a sexually transmitted disease, or problems to do with the nerves, his or her mental state, or rheumatism.

The individual of this star lacks... [?].

The native is suited for the military or police force. The person... [?]. He or she could also see success being a lawyer.

...[?]. Tuo Luo effectuates repercussions that are far-reaching and long-lasting (... [?]).

Should Tuo Luo be alone in Ming or Shen, the individual is lonely and easily leaves his or her native place. With this star one ought to avoid staying at one's birthplace for an extended period of time and instead depart for another place.

Additional associations (personages):

亂轉一通、心無頭緒的陀螺 a gyroscope/spinning top that... [?]

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