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天鉞 Tian Yue

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire (Ding 丁)

- engenders the yin kind of 貴 guì = of high rank, noble; expensive, dear, costly; of an honoured rank or position

- facilitates talent and renown

- signifies 貴 guì of the night-time

Looks, appearance: The native's appearance is majestic, being of an awe-inspiring bearing.

Disposition: Tian Yue permits the person with power, prestige, and might. He or she is regarded with awe, feared, and revered. The individual moreover has the appearance of friendliness.

Individuality: This star represents female guiren. Tian Yue effectuates help and assistance of the psychological variety. The native tends toward the status quo; to carry on the good work of his or her predecessors; to preserve the accomplishments of previous generations; being conservative and hidebound.

      Tian Yue puts forth 科名 kē​míng = rank obtained in imperial examinations; scholarly honours. A person born during the night has the demeanour and poise of someone noble or rich. Tian Yue is associated with female guiren.

Tian Yue has to do with 權力 quánlì = authority, power; 權威 quánwēi = a person of authority; 傷害 shānghài = to injure, harm, wound, hurt, maul; 刑傷 xíngshāng = to kill and injure; injury and trauma after being beaten or tortured.

The individual is of a powerful appetite for power and authority. In behaviour and conduct the native is firm, determined, and decisive. The person is tough, unyielding, resolute, and steadfast. With this star there is haughtiness and an air of arrogance. Tian Yue betokens an individual who is unusually mighty; to possess more advantages than the rival. The native demands strictness and austerity. Sometimes one gets the impression that the person is unkind, mean, and harsh.

Tian Yue in Ming in the case of the horoscope of a man will feminise him a little. In the instance of the chart of a woman, she'll be elegant, gracious, tasteful, and exquisite, and there's the occurrence of 人見人愛 rén​jiàn​rén​'ài = to be loved by all; to have universal appeal. She'll easily move others emotionally and meet with suitors.

Tian Yue brings about 逢凶化吉 féng​xiōng​huà​jí​ = to turn an inauspicious start to good account; misfortune turns to blessing. It eliminates disaster and removes what's distressing and gruelling.

Should there be peach blossom problems and an extramarital affair, ordinarily someone older/senior will be involved.

This star engenders help and assistance that is hidden, secret, obscure, in the dark. Tian Yue stands for strokes of luck and favourable circumstances by reason of females.

The individual of this star is very much so suited to civil service work.

After the age of 50 Tian Yue changes into its opposite and will signify 小人 xiǎo​rén​ = individual of low social status, nasty person, vile character. The native easily comes across turmoil, disturbances, distress, hindrances, things don't go smoothly; or reveals shortcomings, weak points, faults.

Additional associations (personages):

- 愛的貴人 guiren who... [?]

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