Sunday, 6 February 2011

文昌 Wen Chang

Translated from here.

- Yang Metal (Geng 庚)

- gives the means to 科甲 kējiǎ = imperial examinations

- with regard to 文 wén = language, culture - Wen Chang represents a scholar/intellectual of literature and writing; the written language

Looks, appearance: The individual's features are delicate and pretty. He or she is elegant and smart in appearance.

Disposition: The native of this star is clever, bright, smart, intelligent, and acute of sight and hearing. The person learns and studies a lot of subjects and is capable of much. In conduct and behaviour the individual is graceful, polished, elegant, and in good taste, but he or she does also love 粉飾 fěn​shì = to gloss over, to prettify things; to cover up, to whitewash.

Individuality: Wen Chang has to do with exams, tests, to take an exam. And rank, glory, and renown due to imperial examinations. Wen Chang denotes 學習 xué​xí = learning, studying. The native is partial to external appearance. And... [?].

      This star signifies reputation and fame due to imperial examinations.

Wen Chang and Wen Qu stand for the arrival of guiren.

In behaviour and conduct the person is upright and honest and just, and slightly reclusive, antisocial, eccentric. He or she has talent in literature and art. The individual is of the demeanour of someone cultured and learned. It is unlikely that the native will be lacking in moral restraint.

In appearance and countenance the person is very refined, polite, gentle. In bearing and mien the individual is polished, graceful, in good taste, and elegant. The native comes across as someone who is mild, soft, tender, scholarly, cultured, and courteous.

In thought and thinking the person of this star is meticulous, not overlooking any details. He or she is of a strong ability to reflect over stuff. The individual is intelligent, smart, and bright. Taking an exam or performing or competing, etc., the native is quick and clever in responses and reactions. The person is good at eloquence. He or she also possesses a sense of humour. Wen Chang has much to do with 思考 sī​kǎo = to think deeply; to ponder over, to reflect on. Therefore, should Wen Chang be in Ming the individual has a good and beautiful writing style. The native's thread of ideas and train of thought in writing could come gushing forth. There could be present an inspired work, or a stroke of genius. Wen Chang is beneficial for written works.

When young, the person will have to work hard and toil. When old, things will go smoothly; to have it according to one's wishes. The individual is upright, upstanding, unselfish, and altruistic.

Wen Chang has much to do with wisdom, intelligence, knowledge; and documents, archives, records, official dispatch, diplomas.

This star brings about fresh and pure peach blossom.

Wen Chang # Hua Ji will easily indicate... [?].

Wen Chang is a star effectuating intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. Therefore, should Wen Chang be transformed by Hua Ji, there could be disease, sickness or trouble what with the mind, thoughts, thinking. Or disturbances and complications re love, romance, and relationships.

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