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火星 Huo Xing

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire (丙 Bing)

- effectuates 殺 shā = to kill, slaughter; to go into battle, fight; to reduce, abate, weaken; to counteract, take off

- this star betokens a nature and character that is firm, indomitable, and strong

Looks, appearance: The person's hair is different, unusual, strange. He or she... [?].

Disposition: The individual of Huo Xing is partial to 好大喜功 hào​dà​xǐ​gōng = to rejoice in grandiose deeds; to strive to achieve extraordinary things; ambitious for great achievements. The native seeks what's rapid, quick, forthright, and plain-spoken, and discards what is calm, still, quiet, secure, and safe. Not only does the person look for high-speed, but he or she is also somewhat rough and boorish in actions.

Individuality: The individual of this star is disposed to eruptions and outbursts; to burst out like an explosion, to flare up. There is the case of 殺氣 shā​qì = a murderous look; an aura of death; to vent one's anger. Huo Xing represents 火災 huǒ​zāi = fire and conflagration; fire that causes disastrous damage. The native has special characteristics, being unusual, peculiar.

      Huo Xing signifies someone who is solid, firm, and unyielding. It brings about a powerful and vigorous Dantian. When speaking and talking the person is loud and clear. Meeting with matters and business stuff, the individual is impatient and irascible. The native is short-tempered, irritable, fiery, hot-headed, and explosive. Being appointed to an important post, the person of this star displays unique and special characteristics. Handling affairs and dealing with things, there is a lack of thinking things through. The individual is impulsive and impetuous; to get exited, to lose one's head. The native... [?]. Now and then it's hard for the person to speak without thinking; to blurt something out. There are easily injured emotions and feelings.

It is the most appropriate having Huo Xing together in configuration with Tan Lang.

Huo Xing engenders 艷麗 yàn​lì = garish and good-looking; distinct and beautiful. It allows what is dazzling and shining and glittering. There is beautiful wild nature and unruliness.

With this star there could easily be a wound due to the point of a needle, something sharp, or injury because of being burned.

This star... [?]. There are sudden and rapid changes. Huo Xing dreads encountering Hua Ji (but is able to restrain and control money calamity generated by Qing Yang).

Huo Xing is of an intense ability to destroy and ruin, to permit destruction and doom. It betokens the characteristics of being seriously damaged and unable to recover.

Huo Xing in Ming in the case of the horoscope of a man means that he's of a grand, stately, and majestic appearance. He is no common-looking man. His bearing and elegance is out of the ordinary.

This star in Ming in the instance of the chart of a woman means that she is a female beauty captivating even the birds and the beasts; to make fish sink and geese land. There's the occurrence of 閉月羞花 bì​yuè​xiū​huā = to outshine the moon and put the flowers to shame. She tends toward chastity and being an upright woman. And she performs well at work and in her activities and undertakings.

Additional associations (personages):

- 火爆浪子 rover/vagabond/wanderer who is fiery and lively

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