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左輔 Zuo Fu

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- Yang Earth (Wu 戊)

- effectuates 助力 zhùlì = a helping hand, help, assistance

- Zuo Fu is a star assisting Zi Wei

- this star denotes someone in an imperial/official/government position who does kind deeds; to do good works; to practise philanthropy

Looks, appearance: The native is warm and kind, and regular and proper.

Disposition: The individual of Zuo Fu is fond of handing out forgiveness. The person plans and calculates and takes to tactics and strategies that are designed for variable conditions; to be quick-witted and shrewd.

Individuality: This star generates assistance of the material kind. The native is busy, bustling about. With Zuo Fu there is much help; to be well-supported. There is increase; to reinforce, strengthen. The individual is partial to 義氣 yì​qì = righteousness, justice, human ties, personal loyalty; to have a sense of honour and justice.

      Zuo Fu betokens guiren. This star stands for support and help, and to assist a ruler in governing a country.

The person is steady and earnest. He or she is generous, big-hearted, and liberal. For the most part the native is easy-going and amiable. The individual is distinguished and accomplished, refined and tasteful. The person is interested in making progress; to be ambitious to improve oneself, to move forward. He or she is of aspirations and ambitions.

The native of Zuo Fu is intelligent, bright, smart, and quick-witted. The individual takes to strategies. The person is honest and tolerant, and sincere and kind. The native is very magnanimous. The individual is calm and orderly. He or she is of the ability to show tolerance and being forgiving. The person... [?]. The native has good relations with people.

Should Zuo Fu be in Ming without the presence of any major star(s), it is appropriate attaching importance to visiting and saluting one's parents.

Zuo Fu in the Spouse palace means that the spouse will easily have an affair.

Past love affairs are often engraved in the memory of the individual. There is the occurrence of 重情惜情 zhòngqíngxīqíng = ... [?].

Zuo Fu is a lucky star and signifies aid and support. (With the presence of both Zuo Fu and You Bi there will be an uninterrupted stream of assistance and backing.) The presence of malevolent stars will not lead to aiding King Zhou in his tyrannical rule.

This star represents 善 shàn = good, virtuous, kind, friendly; to make a success of, to perfect. Helping other people means getting help and backing in return.

Additional associations (personages):

- a well-disposed helper/assistant who is gentle and moderate, and competent and efficient.

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