Saturday, 12 March 2011

天虛 Tian Xu

Translated from here.

- Yin Earth (Ji 己)

- represents 空亡: Kong Wang

- betokens 憂傷 yōushāng = laden with grief, distressed, weighed down with sorrow

      The individual of Tian Xu is disposed to 好大喜功 hào​dà​xǐ​gōng = ambitious for great achievements; to rejoice in grandiose deeds; to strive to achieve extraordinary things. He or she does not prefer reality and what is practical and realistic. There is the instance of 華而不實 huá​'ér​bù​shí = flashy and without substance; to be superficially clever; to be showy without real worth; a handsome exterior but a hollow inside; flower but no fruit. The person of this star does not receive much help and assistance from close relatives.

Tian Xu signifies 毛病 máobìng = trouble, breakdown, mishap; fault, mistake, defect; bad habit, shortcoming; illness; 錯誤 cuòwù = mistake, error, blunder; erroneous, incorrect, false, wrong; 失敗 shībài = to fail; be defeated, lose, go under, flop; failure, loss, miss, breakdown; to come apart at the seams, to break down, to come to grief, to drop or fall through; 虛弱 xūruò =  in poor health, debilitated, fragile, weak; feeble, frail; weakness, infirmity; 生病 shēngbìng = to fall ill, ail, sicken with, to become ill; a disorder of the body.

This star assists Po Jun facilitating what's inauspicious and ominous. A woman having this [pronounced] in her horoscope is really unfavourable and disadvantageous.

Tian Xu stands for wear and tear to materials and substances, physical things.

When Tian Xu is in Ming the native has an innately weak constitution; to be apt to fall ill; to suffer from many diseases. The individual easily errs and incurs defeat, loss, failure.

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