Saturday, 26 March 2011

紅鸞 Hong Luan

Translated from here.

- Yin Water

- represents wedding and marriage and jubilation and festivities

      Hong Luan betokens congregating for the joyous events of marriage and wedding. It has to do with 流蕩 liúdàng = to roam about, to rove; to float, to flow; 虛榮 xūróng = vanity, pomp, empty glory; to be vainglorious. The individual of this star is frank and straightforward. The native meets with numerous changes and alterations. The person is easy to approach and getting close to. When Hong Luan is in Ming the individual is seriously vain.

When young Hong Luan stands for joy and delight re marriage and wedding. When in the middle of one's life, Hong Luan signifies having a child, peach blossom, celebration, and reunion. When old Hong Luan betokens the death of one's wife, and tripping and falling, to stumble and fall, to pitch one's head; to make a mistake, to suffer a setback. Meeting peach blossom stars, sexual desire and lust. Encountering Da Hao, inevitably there will be financial losses, or bankruptcy. Seeing Qing Yang, blood due to a blade or knife.

Hong Luan has to do with seeking passion and chasing after love and affection (the beginning part of romance).

The native of this star has a pretty good appearance. The person has very good relations with others.

The individual of Hong Luan is straightforward and outspoken. He or she tends toward exchange, closeness, communication; to eliminate estrangement. The native has also extraordinary predestined affinity with the opposite sex. The odds are high that the person will marry too early. Hong Luan meeting with other peach blossom stars is inadvisable, because it could lead to complications in the matter of feelings, likes and dislikes, affections, emotions.

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