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長生十二星 The Chang Sheng series of stars

Translated from here.

長生 Chang Sheng

- represents 生發 shēngfā = to emerge and grow, to develop

      The individual of this star has an imposing or impressive appearance; to be impressive looking. He or she is gentle, meek, good-natured, and kind-hearted. Chang Sheng puts forth lots of good fortune and longevity. The person is of a vigorous and robust vitality. The native of this star is staunch and resolute. The individual does not fear what's difficult, hard, and challenging. Handling matters and working, the person is patient and has perseverance and willpower. The native is also easily obstinate and self-opinionated; to be self-willed and headstrong.

沐浴 Mu Yu

- 桃花 táohuā = peach blossom

      With Mu Yu there is toil and labour. The native of this star is partial to wanting sex; to be given to lust; to be horny, lecherous, and lascivious. He or she likes the new and hates the old; to be enamoured with new people and bored with the old; to be fickle in affection. The person's nature and temperament are extremely unstable. The individual is romantic and dissolute. The native tends toward what's beautiful and amorous.

冠帶 Guan Dai

- 喜慶 xǐngqìng = a joyous event, festivities; to celebrate, congratulate

      The person of Guan Dai is optimistic and hopeful and sanguine. He or she is eager to make progress; to keep forging ahead; to be enterprising, to be up-and-coming. The native possesses a will to fight; to have a fighting spirit. The individual is energetic, vigorous, proactive, and tries to improve him or herself; to advance, develop, grow, expand. With this star the person wants to succeed, wishing for success.

臨官 Lin Guan

- 喜慶 xǐngqìng = festivities, a joyous event; to congratulate, celebrate

      The individual is independent and autonomous; to maintain control over one's own affairs; to be one's own master. The native has patience and endurance. He or she is proactive, energetic, and works hard; to exert oneself, to rouse to vigorous action. Lin Guan makes for a meteoric rise; to rapidly go up in the world. There is fame and prestige, a good reputation, renown, stature, celebrity, popularity. The individual is revered by other people. Lin Guan gives the means to a lifetime of glory, splendour, wealth and rank; a high position and great wealth.

帝旺 Di Wang

- 旺壯 wàngshèng = vigorous, robust, exuberant

      The native meets with success in his or her career and profession. The person tends toward both fame and fortune. The individual of Di Wang is a pinnacle of virtue and ability; to stand out among one's fellows; to become outstanding, to come to the front, to make one's mark. Regarding technical skills or scholastic achievements the native attains the height of perfection; to reach the peak of perfection. The person of this star is vigorous and energetic; to be in high spirits and fresh with energy. He or she is resourceful and intelligent, and flourishes. The individual is revered and held in high esteem by others.


- 頹敗 tuíbài = to decay, decline, to become corrupt

      With this star the body and mind begin to deteriorate and decay. The person of Shuai is mild, moderate, gentle, compromising, and conceding. The individual is inactive, passive, dispirited, hidebound, and standpat. There is the occurrence of being satisfied with the existing state of affairs; to take things as they are; to leave a situation as it is; to be happy with the status quo. The native lacks the will to fight; to be short of a fighting spirit.


- 疾病 jíbìng = disease, illness, condition, complaint, ailment, sickness

      Bing represents deteriorating with age; to be old and weak, decrepit, senile, senescent. And has to do with being frail, weak, in poor health. This star signifies excessive toil and hard work. Disease and illness break out everywhere. The person of Bing is of an indeterminate nature, sometimes overcast and gloomy, now and then feeling sunny and clear. Working and handling matters the individual has a strong start but a weak finish; a tiger's head and a snake's tail; to start off with a bang but end up with a whimper. The native has dreams and ideals but they are hardly every carried out by practical efforts. With Bing it is not easy meeting the needs of the current situation.


- 喪亡 sàngwáng = to die, meet one's death

      The native is timid, fearful, and cowardly. He or she lacks vigour and daring, being short of boldness of vision and breadth of spirit. Handling stuff and working the individual is indecisive and hesitant. The person doesn't have a strong willpower. The native is comparatively gloomy and grey; to be quiet and designing. He or she mopes; to have pent-up emotions or thoughts. In behaviour and conduct the individual of this star is inactive, sluggish, careless, indolent, lazy, and negligent. The person is fond of solitude; to stay alone, to live alone.


- 欽藏 qīncáng = the emperor's depository

      The individual of Mu is eccentric, odd, bizarre. In manners and mien the person is exceptional, unusual. For the most part the native is inherently stingy and frugal; to economise, to scrimp and save. He or she is greedy in getting money. Treating other people and handling affairs and dealing with stuff the individual is fond of sticking to conventions; to be hidebound by convention; to stick to established practice. The person does not easily go beyond rules and regulations.


- 絕滅 huémiè = to exterminate, annihilate; extinction

      This star engenders ups and downs, changes, alterations. The person of Jue is self-willed, headstrong, wayward, frivolous and giddy. He or she likes the new and hates the old; to be fickle in affection; enamoured with new people and bored with the old. The individual is impetuous and impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head. The person has ideas, views and opinions that make him or her a solitary. The native does not very much so get on well with others. The individual lacks good relations with people.


- 喜 xǐ = to be happy, to feel pleased; happiness, delight

      This star stands for what's bright and promising. There are wishes and hopes. And change and transformation, shifts. The person of this star takes to making progress along new directions; to make headway along a new path to follow. The individual is rather lively, vigorous, animated, cheery, spry. He or she is active, restless, and energetic, and does not enjoy what's still, calm, and not moving. Although the native is of an intention to be of help, he or she frequently tends toward prattle and idle chit-chat.


- 福 fú = good fortune, happiness, luck

      With Yang there are development, growth, expansion. This star has to do with moving out of one's parents' house and initiating a career; to separate and live apart. The individual has self-determination and acts independently; to maintain control over one's own affairs; to do one's own thing, to stand on one's own two feet. The person of Yang is quite mild, moderate, placid, steady, and earnest. He or she is unlikely to take to indiscriminate and haphazard action. The native has extremely good relations with others.


Anonymous said...

i am looking at this chart where it has real estates and destiny house but it is not as palaces in the info aboout palaces...what is ming and shen palaces..?? thankyou vey very much....this is the coolest XDXDXDD

Viktor said...

Hello. Thanks. It's good to hear it can be useful.

Ming is the premier palace in the horoscope. Shen is 'Ming after the age of 35 onwards'.