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Po Jun in Ming or Shen

Translated from here.

Po Jun in Zi and Wu

With regard to working the individual is capable of unusual concentration; to be absorbed in; to devote one's mind to. In all matters the native tends toward making an all-out effort; to call forth all one's energy; to pull out all the stops; to go all out, to spare no effort.

The person comes across toil and hard work, being energetic, restless, and active. The individual is fond of creating a stir and enjoying the limelight; to show off; to be a focus of public attention; to push oneself forward; to be obtrusive. He or she is extensive what with taking part in social functions and communication. The native has fine relations with people. The person is good at financial management. Po Jun in Zi and Wu is indicative of enjoying work that has to do with risks, chances, adventure, gambling, speculation. The individual is moreover unwilling to be positioned under other people.

It is not easy to stockpile money and wealth. The native does not appreciate a career or profession that's monotonous and placid. Working the person is industrious and diligent. The individual is fond of freedom and liberty. He or she does not accept being constrained and restricted.

Po Jun and Zi Wei in Chou and Wei

The native is strongly independent, and is fond of being innovative and creative and original; to bring forth new ideas. The individual is of high ideals and plenty of cravings, longings, aspirations, desires. Therefore, the person is somewhat impatient and rash and irascible. The native can hardly avoid hard work and toil.

The individual happens upon help and support from guiren. He or she has fine relations with other people. The person is happy to render help to others; to be willing to help people. The native appreciates engaging in work entailing risks and chances; to run the hazard, to adventure, to tempt one's fate. In his or her career and undertakings and activities there are ups and downs, changes, peaks and valleys. The individual is of pretty good money luck. The person has leadership abilities and is able to make decisions.

Concerning emotions, feelings, affections, there are easily twists and turns, obstacles, setbacks. Getting married late is appropriate.

Po Jun in Yin and Shen

In behaviour and conduct the native is honest and frank. He or she is kind-hearted and good-natured; to have one's heart in the right place. The person is ready to help others; to be happy to render help to other people. However, in all matters the individual is partial to adhering stubbornly to his or her own ideas; to cling obstinately to one's own opinions; to stick to one's own views.

It is appropriate going to foreign lands or parts of the country other than where one is born and seek success, development, and prosperity. Still, the native will inevitably encounter hard work, toil, and what's laborious. The person should also pay attention to problems re wedding and marriage.

The individual has pretty good money luck. He or she dares to make investments. The native is... [?]. The person with Po Jun in Yin or Shen is fond of work that entails challenges; to dare, to throw down the gauntlet; to challenge to a fight or contest; to offer battle.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen in Mao and You

The person has the ability to found and start stuff, to initiate things. And is of the power and strength to being a leader. Working the individual is proactive, energetic, enthusiastic, calm, sedate, and steady. He or she has ambitions and aspirations.

The native is reclusive and unsociable. The person operates within a small circle.

There is the occurrence of 白手起家 báishǒuqǐjiā = to build up from nothing, to start from scratch; to rise in life without help, to rise by one's own efforts. The individual comes across great changes and shifts. The native could happen upon easy money, a windfall. Still, there will be unsettledness and unrest.

Po Jun in Chen and Xu

The individual is busy running about and has to toil and work very hard. He or she makes arduous efforts. The native possesses special skill or knowledge. The person... [?]. When coming across what's unreasonable the individual will from a sense of justice talk bluntly and take to forthright speak; or attempt to bring about reform and blaze new trails.

With Po Jun in Chen or Xu the native is of a powerful ability to move about and take to action. He or she actively pursues change and variation. There are numerous opportunities to going to places and taking trips and journeys. External and foreign relations are good. There is mutual support from guiren; to help one another.

The person ought to go and seek development and prosperity abroad, overseas. The individual is good at managing finances. He or she has pretty good money luck. The native does not appreciate work that is monotonous.

Po Jun and Wu Qu in Si and Hai

The person is firm, unyielding, and tough. The native has the drive and vigour to take risks and chances; to tempt one's fate, to risk danger, to adventure. The individual meets with many fluctuations; to rise and fall, to undulate. Carrying out commercial activities is inadvisable.

There are awfully big ups and downs and changes and alterations what with gains and losses in money matters. The individual... [?]. There is moreover mutual support and help from guiren; to help one another.

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