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Wu Qu in Ming or Shen

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Wu Qu and Tian Fu in Zi and Wu

The individual has leadership abilities and is of the power to take action. The native is good at making plans and supervising; to manage and administer. Operating a business the person is of great skill, ability, finesse.

The individual appreciates roving all over the place. The native is proficient in being a leader, head, chief. The person tends toward 功成名就 gōngchéngmíngjiù = to achieve success and win recognition and fame; to accomplish both success and fame.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang in Chou and Wei

In the matters of wealth and money the native is extremely stingy and tight-fisted. The individual is fairly self-serving. The person is firm, hard, solid, and has talent and skill. The native does not at all enjoy being constrained and restricted by others. Peach blossom is for the most part related to 隱密 yǐnmì = secret, hidden; mysterious; to hide, conceal.

When Wu Qu and Tan Lang are in Chou and Wei there is the instance of 大器晚成 dàqìwǎnchéng = a great talent matures slowly; it takes a long time to make a big pot; Rome wasn't built in a day; great minds mature slowly. The individual meets with first poor, afterwards rich.

Wu Qu and Tian Xiang in Yin and Shen

The native is sincere, humble, and cordial. He or she is of an awareness of upholding justice. Thinking something through, the individual is careful and thorough. Facing adverse circumstances the person takes happenings calmly; to keep one's head in an urgent condition; to bear something with equanimity.

The native is brisk, dynamic, energetic, and creative; to have ingenuity. The individual easily departs from his or her home town and has growth and success elsewhere. The person ought to be careful of feelings and emotions what with wedding and marriage.

Wu Qu and Tian Xiang in these two palaces also make for an aid and advisor to a top official; to assist a ruler in governing a country.

Wu Qu and Qi Sha in Mao and You

The person is straightforward and frank. He or she is good at communication and social functions; to communicate with, to socialise, to engage in social functions. The native has courage and insight, and is astute and resourceful. He or she is greatly able to make plans and laying out stuff.

Success and failure come late because the individual does not hesitate to tend toward 不擇手段 bùzéshǒuduàn = by fair means or foul; by hook or by crook; to use unscrupulous divisive tactics; to resort to every expedient. The person is of a great drive to initiate things and start stuff.

Wu Qu in Chen and Xu

Developments come late. The native is good at managing money matters and conducting financial transactions. Even though the person encounters twists and turns and setbacks, he or she is partial to becoming rich; to make a fortune.

Wu Qu and Po Jun in Si and Hai

The native is tough, firm, and unyielding. The individual is of the vigour and drive to take risks and chances; to adventure, to tempt one's fate, to risk danger. The person comes across numerous undulations; to fluctuate, to rise and fall. Engaging in trade is inadvisable.

There are very large changes and alterations and ups and downs concerning gains and losses in money matters. The native... [?]. There is also mutual help and support from guiren; to help one another.

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