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Tian Tong in Ming or Shen

Translated from here.

Tian Tong and Tai Yin in Zi and Wu

The person is good at making plans and assisting; to assist a ruler, to assist in governing a country.The individual undertakes a task despite criticism; to bear the burden of office willingly; to do something without complaint despite hardships and criticism. He or she is willing to help others.

The native is graceful, delicate, and refined. He or she possesses a sense of humour. The person very much so receives help and assistance from the opposite sex. The individual with Tian Tong and Tai Yin in Ming or Shen has fine relations with other people.

The native tends toward floating and drifting; to lead a wandering life, to rove.

Tian Tong and Ju Men in Chou and Wei

The individual is busy and bustles about; to be on the hop, to be on the run. There are numerous worries, upsets, agonies, vexations. The native is fond of expressing and displaying him or herself. The person easily meets with quarrels, disputes, spats. When young there are much toil and labour and suffering, and limited development and prosperity. Regarding love and marriage, the individual is down on his or her luck; to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes.

In ideology and thinking and thought the native is unusual, unique, peculiar. The person is suited for work that has to do with service; to give service to, to be in the service of, to serve.

Tian Tong and Tian Liang in Yin and Shen

The person is mild, gentle, moderate, kind-hearted, and well-disposed. The native emphasises... [?]. In conduct in society the individual is obliging, amiable, and easygoing. The person appreciates travel and tourism; to go for a trip, to take a journey.

The native has special skill or technique. The individual is an expert at making plans and laying out stuff.

Having these two stars in Ming or Shen is disadvantageous what with one's feelings, emotions, affections. The person is somewhat gloomy and overcast, or tends toward nervousness; to be nervous and squeamish; to be of a nervous constitution.

Tian Tong in Mao and You

The individual is partial to having a job that is calm and orderly, stable, quiet, tranquil, free from worry. The person seeks success and development through what's steady and calm. The native loves what's stimulating and exciting. He or she is fond of new and odd stuff.

Going to places, travelling, the individual has good predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

Competing what with making money means earning money is rather hard and exhausting.

Tian Tong in Chen and Xu

Going to places and regarding meeting with others, the native happens upon many disputes and quarrelling right and wrong. Changing profession and moving house is unfavourable.

... [?].

Tian Tong in Si and Hai

The person tends toward much enjoyment and pleasure. The individual is one who knows what has emotional appeal.

Travelling and going to places the native comes across guiren who is a chief, head, or elder. The person makes friends extensively; to have many friendly contacts. In thinking and ideology and thought the individual is unusual, peculiar, unique. The native possesses persuasiveness; to be of persuasion and conviction.

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