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Ju Men in Ming or Shen

Translated from here.

Ju Men in Zi and Wu

The native is able to put forth his or her own ideas, thoughts, philosophy, opinions, and display literary or artistic talent. The individual is impatient, quick-tempered, hot-headed, and restless. In his or her profession the person comes across change and what's varied and mercurial; and there is a high degree of competition. But, ... [?].

Ju Men and Tian Tong in Chou and Wei

The person bustles about, being busy; to be on the run, to be on the hop. There are many upsets, vexations, worries, and agonies. The individual appreciates putting forth and displaying him- or herself. The native easily happens upon disputes, spats, quarrels. When young there are much labour, suffering, toil, and limited prosperity and development. In the matters of love and marriage the person is down on his or her luck; to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes.

In thinking and ideology and thought the individual is peculiar, unusual, unique. He or she is suited for work entailing service; to be in the service of, to serve, to give service to.

Ju Men and Tai Yang in Yin and Shen

In Yin: The native is of far-ranging ambitions and dreams. He or she is good at eloquence, and diplomacy, foreign affairs. The person is abundantly ambitious; to have resolute and enterprising thoughts. The individual puts into practice what has been learned; to study something for practical applications; to study something in order to apply it. First the native comes across hardships, afterwards obtaining accomplishments and success. Carrying out commercial activities is inadvisable.

In Shen: In behaviour and conduct the person is easy-going and amiable. The individual tends toward enjoying him- or herself quietly; to be content with one's lot; to find joy in one's own way no matter what others may think. The native is of exuberant money luck. He or she is greatly ambitious; to have gumption, to be enterprising and resolute. The person should take note of beginning with a flourish but petering out towards the end; a tiger's head but a snake's tail; in like a lion, out like a lamb; to start off with a bang but end up with a whimper.

Ju Men and Tian Ji in Mao and You

The individual is rather opinionated; to be of one's own strong views. He or she happens upon many quarrels and disputes. In thought and thinking the person is nimble, shrewd, and quick. The native is very much so interested in studying, analysing, research. In his or her work and job the individual habitually pursues variation and change.

Although the person's younger years are rough and exhausting, there can also smoothly and steadily be accomplishments and success. Ju Men and Tian Ji in Mao or You are beneficial re profession and career, but not what with one's emotions, affections, feelings.

Ju Men in Chen and Xu

There is a feeling of being powerless and lacking strength; to feel weak, impotent, incapable. The individual has to toil and work hard and has problems putting forth him- or herself. It is important to... [?].

When going to places and travelling the person has good luck. However, frequently there is the occurrence of 身不由己 shēnbùyóujǐ = to have no command over oneself; helpless, in spite of oneself; to do something not of one's own free will. The individual is of a great ability to adapt and get used to stuff. The person is good at financial management.

Ju Men in Si and Hai

The person tends toward working with his or her brain; to strain oneself racking one's brains. Ju Men in these two palaces means money comes and money goes. The individual appreciates what's leisurely and carefree. He or she is partial to taking delight in enjoyment of ease and comfort.

Working and handling matters the native is not energetic and proactive. He or she lacks clear and distinct goals.

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