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Tian Xiang in Ming or Shen

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Tian Xiang and Lian Zhen in Zi and Wu

When handling matters and working the person is principled. He or she understands propriety; to tend toward proper speech or action; to be able to grasp what is appropriate behaviour.

The native has a lifetime of always being on the move; to rush about; and constantly there are alterations and changes. The individual is good at managing finances. The person can live comfortably. In the matter of work the native is decisive and resolute and has the strength to carrying out things; to implement, execute, administer.

Concerning life and living, things are not normal and regular. Regarding health, circumstances are rather poor, mediocre.

Tian Xiang in Chou and Wei

The native is of principles. Working, the person is realistic without flights of fancy; to have one's feet firmly planted on the ground; to be earnest and down-to-earth, steady and serious. The individual wants to make progress and do better; to be ambitious to improve oneself; to move forward. The native has a great ability to take to activities and action. He or she makes friends extensively; to keep numerous friendly contacts. Travelling and going to places the person happens upon ennoblement. Mentally and physically the individual... [?].

When Tian Xiang is in these two palaces the native does not have to worry about clothes and food. The person ought to pay attention to his or her feelings, emotions, affections.

Tian Xiang and Wu Qu in Yin and Shen

The individual is humble, cordial, and sincere. The native has the awareness of upholding justice. Thinking things through, the person is thorough and careful. When faced with adversity, he or she is able to take occurrences calmly; to bear something with equanimity; to keep one's head in an urgent condition.

The individual is dynamic, brisk, energetic, and creative; to be of ingenuity. The native is liable to depart from his or her home town and sees success and growth elsewhere. The person should be careful of emotions and feelings what with marriage and wedding.

Tian Xiang and Wu Qu in Yin or Shen moreover make for an aid and advisor to a top official; to assist a ruler in governing a country.

Tian Xiang in Mao and You

The person is guarded, conservative, hidebound, careful, and cautious. He or she is good at financial management. The native has character and personality. The individual possesses literary or artistic talent. The person has to work hard and is active and energetic and constantly takes to communication and social intercourse; to engage in social functions, to communicate with.

When working the native is certainly principled. Coming across changes the individual is able to secure balance and equilibrium. Tian Xian in these two palaces enables 有始有終 yǒushǐyǒuzhōng = to carry out an undertaking from start to finish; to carry things through; to finish what one has started.

Tian Xiang and Zi Wei in Chen and Xu

The person has ambitious, but there are problems and difficulties spreading out and opening up. The individual is not pleased with leaving a situation as it is. He or she is not happy with the status quo; not being satisfied with the existing state of affairs. In deeds and action the native is enthusiastic, zealous, energetic. The person has the courage to be original and innovative; to bring forth new ideas, to braze new trails. With these two stars in Chen or Xu it is difficult escaping from 流離顛沛 liúlídiānpèi = destitute and homeless; displaced and without means.

The individual is good at managing finances. Financial resources... [?]. Going to places and travelling means rushing about and coming across toil; to be constantly on the move. The native has accomplishments and completes a work by being dauntless, tough, self-reliant, independent, and indomitable.

Tian Xiang in Si and Hai

The person is suited to finding prosperity and success in foreign lands or parts of the country other than where he or she is born. Even though having experienced much suffering and going through the hardships of life, in the end the native is able to break through difficulties and overcome predicaments.

The individual has devotion to his or her work. The person does emphasise what's enjoyable and brings pleasure in life. The native is intelligent, clever, bright, smart, and doesn't bother about trifles. The individual has investment capabilities.

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