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Tian Liang in Ming or Shen

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Tian Liang in Zi and Wu

The individual is upright, upstanding, altruistic, and unselfish. He or she is objective and impartial. The native with Tian Liang in Zi or Wu is firm, steady, and stable. The person tends toward being an elder, chief, head. The individual appreciates helping and assisting others. The native does not care about fame and fortune; to be indifferent to worldly rewards.

The person is good at making plans and laying out stuff. He or she is of a great ability to assist; to assist a ruler in governing a country. It is hard to come by leisure and free time and its activities. Still, the individual is fond of travelling and tourism and what's leisurely and carefree and tranquil.

Tian Liang in Chou and Wei

The native is active, restless, and energetic. It is advisable to seek growth and development in parts of the country other than where one is born or foreign lands.

The individual is unwilling to turn into a workhorse. The person does attach particular importance to relaxation and enjoying leisure time after working and studying.

Money and wealth enter steadily, one step at a time. The native is fond of buying property. However, the individual appreciates spending money. Storing up and saving money is not easy.

Tian Liang and Tian Tong in Yin and Shen

The individual is moderate, kind-hearted, well-disposed, mild, and gentle. He or she emphasises... [?]. In conduct in society the person is amiable, easygoing, and obliging. The native is fond of travel and tourism; to take a journey, to go for a trip.

The individual is of special technique or skill. He or she is an expert at laying out things and making plans.

These two stars in Ming or Shen are unfavourable what with one's emotions, affections, feelings. The person is somewhat overcast and gloomy, possibly tending toward nervousness; to be of a nervous constitution; to be nervous and squeamish.

Tian Liang and Tai Yang in Mao and You

In Mao: The person is willing to help others. In the matters thoughts, ideas, the use of the mind, the native is meticulous and does not overlook any details. The individual has a great sense of responsibility, and emphasises justice and righteousness. The person lacks... [?]. Even though... [?], the native is also somewhat partial to showing off in his or her profession and career.

In You: There is the instance of 秀而不實 xiùérbùshí = flowering but not bearing fruit; beautiful in appearance but empty in substance; a handsome exterior but a hollow inside; showy and not substantial; superficially clever; flashy and without substance. The... [?]. The person should get married late.

Tian Liang and Tian Ji in Chen and Xu

The native is charitable, philanthropic, and benevolent. He or she is resourceful, wise, and full of stratagems. The individual possesses abilities at analysis. But, before there can be success the person has to go through hardship and difficulties.

The native is good at managing finances, and making plans. He or she has skill and technique.

Tian Liang in Si and Hai

The person ought to refrain from carrying out commercial activities. Going to places and travelling he or she happens upon guiren. The individual is of an extremely strong ability to adjust and adapt. There are frequently opportunities to change jobs.

The person is fond of pleasure and enjoyments. He or she appreciates what is leisurely and carefree. The native is abundantly cordial, enthusiastic, passionate, but lacks determination.

The individual is good at financial management. Regarding wealth, money, and what's psychological and of the mind, the person feels content and satisfied. First the native will have little, afterwards much.

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