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Tai Yang in Ming or Shen

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Tai Yang in Zi

The person has to work with with his or her brain; to rack one's brain; and there are strenuous efforts. Tai Yang in this palace means a lifetime of toil and working hard; to be busy and exhausted; to toil all day long just to make both ends meet. There is easily a sickness or disease to the eye(s). Quarrels and disputes are easily stirred up. The individual ought to guard against peach blossom. However, the person will inevitably come across guiren and mutual help and support.

Tai Yang and Tai Yin in Chou

The native is guarded, conservative, cautious, and prudent. The individual tends toward finding joy in his or her own way no matter what others may think; to enjoy oneself quietly; to be content with one's lot. Still, regarding thoughts, thinking, ideology, temperament, and character, the person is somewhat strange, unusual, weird, eerie. Throughout his or her life the native encounters numerous dramatic changes. Carrying out commercial activities is inadvisable. The individual should guard against twists and turns what with affections, emotions, feelings, wedding, and marriage.

Tai Yang and Ju Men in Yin

The person has dreams and ambitions that are far-ranging. The individual is good at eloquence and diplomacy, foreign affairs. The native is immensely ambitious; to have enterprising and resolute thoughts. With Tai Yang and Ju Men in Yin the person studies something for practical applications; to study something in order to apply it; to put into practice what has been learned. First the individual encounters hardship, afterwards acquiring success and accomplishments. Engaging in trade, to be in business, is inappropriate.

Tai Yang and Tian Liang in Mao

The native is willing to help others. Regarding the use of the mind, thoughts, ideas, the individual is meticulous, not overlooking any details. The person is of a huge sense of responsibility. And emphasises justice and righteousness. The native lacks... [?]. Although... [?], the individual is still somewhat able to show off and display him or herself re career, profession, undertakings, activities.

Tai Yang in Chen

The person is cordial, enthusiastic, passionate, upright, and aboveboard. The native is open and candid; to be perfectly open in all one's actions. He or she is intelligent, bright, smart, clever, quick-witted, sharp, and alert and resourceful. The individual... [?]. Going to places, travelling, the person obtains wealth and riches. However, the native should beware having goals too high to reach.

Tai Yang in Si

The individual has good and luck and wonderful timing when tasty food is involved; to have a fortuitous knack for getting to eat excellent food. In his or her work the native is able to have self-development. The person is greatly courageous and has much resolution and drive. Commonly the individual becomes engaged in a working environment that is highly competitive. The native... [?]. And there are easily twists and turns what with wedding and marriage.

Tai Yang in Wu

The person has perseverance, being of persistent determination. The native has the ability to trigger progress and improvement. He or she has far-reaching goals and aspirations. The individual is of much self-confidence. The person is of outstanding literary or artistic talent. The native makes friends extensively; to have numerous friendly contacts. Inevitably the individual will happen upon guiren and mutual help and backing. The person ought to pay attention to health related issues.

Tai Yang and Tai Yin in Wei

In behaviour and conduct the individual is prudent, cautious, conservative, and guarded. Tai Yang and Tai Yin in this palace are not suitable for carrying out commercial activities. The person studies for practical applications; to study for the purpose of application; to put into practice what has been learned. But, the native is liable to first being industrious and hard-working, afterwards lazy, careless, idle.

Tai Yang and Ju Men in Shen

In conduct and behaviour the native is amiable and easy-going. The person finds joy in his or her own way regardless of what others may think; to be content with one's lot; to enjoy oneself quietly. The individual has exuberant wealth luck. He or she is abundantly ambitious; to be enterprising and resolute; to have gumption. The native ought to beware starting off with a bang but ending up with a whimper; to begin with a flourish but peter out towards the end; a tiger's head, but a snake's tail; in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Tai Yang and Tian Liang in You

There is the occurrence of 秀而不實 xiùérbùshí = flowering but not bearing fruit; beautiful in appearance but empty in substance; a handsome exterior but a hollow inside; showy and not substantial; superficially clever; flashy and without substance. The... [?]. It is advisable getting married late.

Tai Yang in Xu

Tai Yang in this palace makes for a tiring life; to exhaust oneself, to work hard. The individual has weak predestined affinity with the parents. The person... [?]. The native ought to take note of problems or disease to do with the eye(s). The individual easily encounters peach blossom disputes.

Tai Yang in Hai

The person is firm, staunch, and tough. In views and opinions the native is peculiar, unusual, unique. The individual is not good at associating and socialising with others. Tai Yang in Hai is indicative of a tiring life; to be hard-working. The person should pay attention to disease or problems what with the eye(s). The native has indifferent and weak predestined affinity with the parents. There are also peach blossom complications. The individual... [?].

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