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Zi Wei in Ming or Shen

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Zi Wei in Zi and Wu

The individual is independent; to stand alone, to be one's own master. He or she is rather short-tempered, irascible, fiery, hot-headed, and explosive. Regarding stuff of the mind and spirit, what's psychological, the native is easily lonely. He or she has great goals and magnificent aspirations, but there are difficulties spreading out.

The native is fond of performing and showing off and displaying him- or herself. The individual enjoys what is exciting and stimulating. In the matter of life and living there are numerous changes and variations. When Zi Wei is in Zi or Wu, peach blossom has to do with 風花雪月 fēnghuāxuěyuè = wind, flowers, snow and moon; trite poetry, effete language without substance; romance is in the air; to spend one's time in drinking and pleasure; to indulge in sensual pleasures. The person ought to take to self-control and moderation.

The native is good at financial management and managing things and operating stuff. The individual is able to start from scratch; to build up from nothing; to rise in life by one's own efforts; from rags to riches. The person... [?]. Guiren offers help and assistance. Regarding career, activities, undertakings, profession, the native is devoted and has concentration and patience and endurance.

Zi Wei and Po Jun in Chou and Wei

The person is stubbornly independent, and appreciates bringing forth new ideas; to be innovative and creative and original. The native has high ideals and numerous desires, cravings, longings, aspirations. Therefore, he or she is somewhat irascible and impatient and rash. It is difficult to escape from toil and hard work.

The individual receives support and help from guiren. The person has good relations with people. The native is willing to help others; to be happy to render help to other people. With Zi Wei and Po Jun in Chou or Wei the individual enjoys engaging in work where one has to take risks and chances; to adventure, to tempt one's fate, to run the hazard. In his or her career and profession the person meets with ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and there are changes and variations. The native has pretty good money luck. The individual has leadership abilities and is capable of making decisions.

In the matter of feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes, affections, there are easily twists and turns, setbacks, obstacles. It is advisable getting married late.

Zi Wei and Tian Fu in Yin and Shen.

The native has fine relations with others. He or she meets with help and assistance from guiren. The individual has very much so intelligence and wisdom. Dealing with stuff and handling circumstances the person is careful, cautious, and conservative. The native is of a great ability to move about and take to activities. The individual has broad and long-ranged goals and ideals and ambitions. He or she also has leadership abilities.

The person happens upon an unceasing stream of good wealth luck. He or she is well-fed and well-clothed; to live in affluence; to be settled and comfortably off. The native also holds power and influence. Working, the individual is efficient. The person is firm, determined, decisive, and resolute.

Getting married late is the most appropriate.

Zi Wei and Tan Lang in Mao and You

In conduct and behaviour the native is straightforward and frank. The individual is adamant and staunch. The person has wide-ranging interests. He or she is fond of displaying abilities what with literature and art. The native... [?]. The individual engages in much communication and social intercourse; to engage in social functions, to socialise.

In way of life and thought and thinking the person is unique and unusual. Concerning wealth and riches, money comes and money goes. The native is greatly competitive and offers battle; to challenge to a fight or contest, to throw down the gauntlet, to dare. And there is emphasis on 酒色財氣 jiǔsècáiqì = the four cardinal vices: alcoholism, sex, avarice, and arrogance.

Zi Wei and Tian Xiang in Chen and Xu

The individual has ambitions, but there are difficulties opening up and spreading out. The person is not happy with the status quo. He or she does not leave a situation as it is, not being satisfied with the existing state of affairs. In deeds and doing the native is energetic, enthusiastic, and zealous. The individual is of the courage to be innovative and original and bringing forth new ideas; to blaze new trails. With Zi Wei and Tian Xiang in Chen or Xu it is hard to avoid 流離顛沛 liúlídiānpèi = displaced and without means; destitute and homeless.

The native is good at financial management. Financial resources... [?]. Travelling and going to places means toil and rushing about; to be constantly on the move. The individual completes a work and accomplishes stuff by being indomitable, dauntless, tough, independent, and self-reliant.

Zi Wei and Qi Sha in Si and Hai

The person is independent and stands alone; to maintain independence and keep the initiative in one's own hands; to do one's own thing, to be one's own master. The individual is firm and persistent, having unswerving determination. The native is able to work hard and bear hardships. By him- or herself... [?].

The individual... [?]. The native could become rich due to easy money, a windfall. In the person's career and profession there are changes, variations, ups and downs, shifts. Regarding emotions, likes and dislikes, affections, the individual can't avoid feeling lonely.

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