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Tian Ji in Ming or Shen

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Tian Ji in Zi and Wu

The native takes to tactics and trickery. He or she is flexible and adaptable. Dealing with stuff and handling circumstances the person tends toward order, arrangement, tidiness. Tian Ji in these two palaces makes for the ideal aid and advisor to a top official. The individual has persuasiveness and cogency. However, the native can hardly avoid encountering disputes and quarrelling right and wrong.

The person is good at making plans. He or she is also capable of financial management. The native is fond of making investments one step at a time, calmly. The individual does not have to worry about clothes and food.

Tian Ji in Chou and Wei

There are opportunities and lucky chances. Going to places and travelling the native meets with guiren. With Tian Ji in Chou and Wei there isn't enough stability. The individual should not by him or herself initiate an undertaking or start a major task.

The person tends toward being of service; to give service to, to serve. The native is also able to manage finances. He or she doesn't have to worry about food and clothing. The individual bears hardship without complaining; to fulfill one's duties faithfully and uncomplainingly; to work hard and not be upset by criticism.

Tian Ji and Tai Yin in Yin and Shen

The native has numerous opportunities to going to places and travelling. In thought and thinking the individual is quick and swift; to have a nimble mind. The person also possesses an abundant sense of humour. Apt to the occasion the native is warm and nice toward others. The individual meets with a lifetime of rather smooth-going fate.

The person is good at laying out stuff and making plans. He or she is greatly able at handling circumstances and dealing with things, and also being an assistant; to assist a ruler in governing a country. The native doesn't have to worry about clothes and food. Having a job, working, the individual is hard-working, industrious, and diligent.

There are disadvantages what with emotions and feelings. The person feels somewhat gloomy, or squeamish; to be of a nervous constitution.

Tian Ji and Ju Men in Mao and You

The native is considerably opinionated; to have one's own strong views. And there are numerous quarrels and spats. In thought and thinking the individual is quick, nimble, and shrewd. The person is greatly interested in research, studying, analysing. In his or her job and work, the native customarily seeks change and variation.

The individual's early years are hard and exhausting. Nevertheless, he or she can also smoothly and steadily acquire success and accomplishments. Tian Ji and Ju Men in Mao and You are favourable what with one's career and profession, but not re one's feelings, affections, emotions.

Tian Ji and Tian Liang in Chen and Xu

The individual is benevolent, charitable, and philanthropic. The person is wise, resourceful, and full of stratagems. The native has abilities at analysis. However, before the individual can have success, he or she must go through difficulties and hardship.

The person is good at financial management, and making plans. The native possesses skill and technique.

Tian Ji in Si or Hai

The person is gentle, soft, and tender. He or she tends toward feelings and emotions. The individual has predestined affinity with the opposite sex. With Tian Ji in these two palaces the native is very much so interested in all kinds of learning and studying. The person can become engaged in all sorts of work.

The individual is not fond of... [?]. He or she... [?].

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