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Tan Lang in Ming or Shen

Translated from here.

Tan Lang in Zi and Wu

The individual has a good understanding of how to deal with other people. The person has accomplishments in literature and art. The native is of a powerful ability to move about and take to activities. The individual vigorously pursues change and novelty.

When working the person is careful, discreet, and circumspect. He or she... [?]. The native possesses a unique and unusual ability to plan, engineer, hatch, mastermind. The individual is very perceptive and observant. The person meets with great fluctuations what with wealth and money. The native should beware...  [?].

When Tan Lang is in Zi and Wu it is appropriate going for a profession that is unusual, unique, extraordinary. Or tend toward art.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu in Chou and Wei

Regarding money and wealth the person is extremely tight-fisted and stingy. He or she is rather self-serving. The individual is solid, hard, firm, and is of skill and talent. The native does not at all appreciate being restricted and constrained by other people. Peach blossom has for the most part to do with 隱密 yǐnmì = to hide, conceal; mysterious; hidden, secret.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu in these two palaces are indicative of 大器晚成 dàqìwǎngchéng = great minds mature slowly; Rome wasn't built in a day; a great talent matures slowly; it takes a long time to make a big pot. There is the instance of first poor, afterwards rich.

Tan Lang in Yin and Shen

The native is multi-talented and versatile and gifted in many ways. There is help and assistance from guiren. The individual is partial to extensive socialising; to circulate and communicate broadly. The person should seek success and growth in a city or metropolis. With Tan Lang in Yin or Shen the native can hardly avoid being... [?]. The individual... [?].

The person has an unusual and unique ability to mastermind, engineer, hatch, plan. He or she is moreover very observant and perceptive. The native happens upon huge fluctuations re money and wealth. The individual does not fear problems and difficulties. The more the challenge, the more the person is happy.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei in Mao and You

In behaviour and conduct the individual is frank and straightforward. He or she is staunch and adamant. The native is of wide-ranging interests. The person appreciates displaying capabilities in literature and art. He or she... [?]. The individual takes part in much social intercourse and communication; to socialise, to engage in social functions.

In thought and thinking and way of life the native is unusual and unique. Regarding riches and wealth, money comes and money goes. The person is abundantly competitive and is partial to offering battle; to throw down the gauntlet, to dare, to challenge to a fight or contest. With these two stars there is moreover emphasis on 酒色財氣 jiǔsècáiqì = the four cardinal vices: alcoholism, sex, avarice, and arrogance.

Tan Lang in Chen and Xu

The person is able to display literary or artistic talent. External and foreign relations are good. With Tan Lang in Chen or Xu it is appropriate to actively do something of one's own accord; to take the initiative.

Frequently the individual can come across suddenly making money. In his or her occupational environment and circumstances there are numerous changes, alterations, shifts.

Tan Lang and Lian Zhen in Si and Hai

The person is easily drawn into peach blossom disputes and entanglements. The individual is also liable to become engrossed with 風花雪月 fēnghuāxuěyuè = wind, flowers, snow, and moon; effete language without substance, trite poetry; romance is in the air; love affair. The native does also possess a greedy desire for gambling. He or she should study and research Wu Shu.

With these two stars the person is good at communication and socialising; to communicate with, to engage in social functions. He or she is a fluent and eloquent speaker; to have the gift of the gab. The individual has powerful and strong cravings, desires, longings, appetites.

The native should tend toward temperance and moderation. The person ought to guard against what is indulgent, unstable, dissolute.

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