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Lian Zhen in Ming or Shen

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Lian Zhen and Tian Xiang in Zi and Wu

Working and handling matters the native is principled. The individual knows propriety, being able to grasp what is appropriate behaviour; to be partial to proper speech or action.

The person meets with a lifetime of constantly being on the move; to rush about; and always there are changes and alterations. The native is good at financial management. He or she is able to live comfortably. Regarding work the individual is resolute and decisive and of the ability to carrying out stuff; to administer, execute, implement.

In the matters of life and living, things aren't regular and normal. Concerning health, circumstances are mediocre, rather poor.

Lian Zhen and Qi Sha in Chou and Wei

The person has courage and insight. The native is opinionated, having definite views; to have ideas and thoughts on one's own. The individual with Lian Zhen and Qi Sha in these two palaces is fond of taking risks and chances; to tempt one's fate, to risk danger, to venture on. He or she appreciates adventure. Throughout the person's life success and failure will never be constant. There are huge ups and downs. The native can hardly avoid hardships and what's difficult and tough.

The individual appreciates literature and art. The person emphasises what's pleasurable and enjoyable.

The native has an awfully strong desire to engage in work related to money, wealth, valuables. Confronted with a difficulty or problem the individual has the courage and confidence and faith that he or she will come through and overcome the obstacle.

Lian Zhen in Yin and Shen

The person is multi-talented and versatile; to be multi-faceted and gifted in many ways. The native is capable of work. The individual is good at communication and engaging in social functions; to socialise, communicate with; social interaction, social niceties. He or she loves expressing and displaying him or herself. The person enjoys what is stimulating and exciting and appreciates all things new and odd.

The native possesses special skill or technique. He or she is an expert at making plans and laying out stuff.

The individual is good at financial management. The person need not worry about clothes and food.

When Lian Zhen is in Yin and Shen the native has fine predestined affinity with the opposite sex. The individual obtains much guide, support, and confidence, from an elder, chief, head. The person could take to residing in a high positing wielding power and authority.

Lian Zhen and Po Jun in Mao and You

The individual is of the ability to initiate stuff and found and start things. And has the strength and power to be a leader. Working, the native is energetic, proactive, enthusiastic, steady, calm, and sedate. The individual has aspirations and ambitions.

The native is unsociable and reclusive. He or she is partial to operating within a small circle.

There is the instance of 白手起家 báishǒuqǐjiā = to start from scratch, to build up from nothing; to rise by one's own efforts, to rise in life without help. The individual meets with huge changes and shifts. He or she could come across a windfall, easy money. But, there is still unrest and unsettledness.

Lian Zhen and Tian Fu in Chen and Xu

The person is creative and original. He or she is good at eloquence. There is predestined affinity with the opposite sex. The individual sees guiren.

The native is of a vigorous and exuberant ability to act and operate; to take action, to get about, to move. In all matters the person does his or her utmost to achieve perfection; to strive to do one's best and make it perfect. The individual is of the courage, grit, and confidence, that he or she will break through obstacles and do away with problems and difficulties.

It is advisable to leave for foreign lands or parts of the country other than where one is born and there seek development and increase.

Lian Zhen and Tan Lang in Si and Hai

The native is liable to be drawn into peach blossom disputes, entanglements. The person easily becomes absorbed with 風花雪月 fēnghuāxuěyuè = wind, flowers, snow, and moon; trite poetry, effete language without substance; love affair; romance is in the air. The individual does also have a voracious desire for gambling. The native ought to research and study Wu Shu.

The person is good at socialising and communication; to engage in social functions, to communicate with. The individual is an eloquent and fluent speaker; to possess the gift of the gab. The native is of strong and powerful longings, desires, appetites, cravings.

With Lian Zhen and Tan Lang together in Si or Hai the person ought to take to moderation and temperance. The individual should guard against what's dissolute, indulgent, and unstable.

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