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Tian Fu in Ming or Shen

Translated from here.

Tian Fu and Wu Qu in Zi and Wu

The native possesses leadership talent, and has the strength and power to take action; to act, to get about. He or she excels at making plans and being a supervisor and administrator. Managing things and operating a business, etc., the individual is of very much skill and finesse.

The person is fond of roving all over the place. The native is skillful at exercising leadership. The individual is partial to 功成名就 gōngchéngmíngjiù = to accomplish both success and fame; to achieve success and win recognition and fame.

Tian Fu in Chou and Wei

Working, the individual tends toward having a plan, program, scheme, blueprint. The person is of awfully high demands and requests.

With Tian Fu in these two palaces the native has to work hard and toil. The individual is restless, energetic, and active. He or she appreciates doing stuff and going to places and being on the move. There is the chance of sudden and unexpected success.

Regarding wedding and marriage life, there are numerous conflicts and disagreements.

Tian Fu and Zi Wei in Yin and Shen

The person has good relations with other people. There is help and support from guiren. The native is of great intelligence and wisdom. Handling affairs and dealing with circumstances the individual is cautious, conservative, and careful. The person has a great ability to take to activities and move about. He or she has long-ranged and far-reaching ambitions, ideals, goals. The native does also have leadership capabilities.

The individual comes across an uninterrupted stream of good money luck. He or she is well-clothed and well-fed; to be settled and comfortably off; to live in affluence. The person wields power and influence. When working, the native is efficient. The individual is determined, resolute, firm, and decisive.

It is advisable getting married late.

Tian Fu in Mao and You

The individual doesn't lack food and clothing. He or she is fond of what's enjoyable and brings pleasure. With Tian Fu in Ming or Shen in these two palaces the native is rather not independent.

The person is of a strong ability to move about and take to activities and actions. He or she appreciates going to places and doing stuff. Necessarily... [?]. In life and when working the individual meets with major changes, variations, shifts.

The native is highly devoted to his or her profession; to have much loyalty to one's occupation.

Tian Fu and Lian Zhen in Chen and Xu

The native is original and creative. The individual is of fine eloquence. The person has predestinted affinity with the opposite sex. The native meets with guiren.

The individual has an exuberant and vigorous strength to take action and get about; to move, act, operate. In all matters the person strives to achieve perfection; to make every effort to acquire perfection. The native is of the confidence and courage that he or she will do away with difficulties and problems and break through obstacles.

The individual ought to leave for parts of the country other than where he or she is born, or foreign lands, and there seek increase and development.

Tian Fu in Si and Hai

The person energetically pursues change and variation. When changing jobs or moving house the native acquires good luck. Interpersonal relationships are fine. Travelling and going to places the individual obtains ennoblement.

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