Saturday, 26 March 2011

天喜 Tian Xi

Translated from here.

- Yang Water

- signifies marriage and wedding and festivities and jubilation

      Tian Xi stands for assembling for the joyous events of wedding and marriage. This star represents 熱鬧 rènao = to have a jolly good time, to bustle with noise and excitement, to liven up; a spectacle, a scene of bustle and excitement, a thrilling sight; cheerful, animated; prosperous, flourishing; 衝動 chōngdòng = to be emotionally impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head; an impulse, a compulsion. Together with other people the native is both festive and lonely. He or she accepts circumstances with good will; to be at home wherever one is; to be ready to adapt; to reconcile oneself to one's situation; to make the best of things; to take the world as it is. The individual of this star is fond of making friends and doing stuff together with them. The person has good predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

When young the native is loved by the older generation; to be a favourite of one's elders. When in the middle of one's life Tian Xi betokens making friends. When old there is much loneliness, and contact with the younger generation.

When Tian Xi is in Ming, an early engagement does not necessarily mean an early marriage. Encountering sha stars denotes 開刀 kāidāo = to perform or have an operation.

Tian Xi signifies actual marriage (the outcome of chasing after love).

All one's life this star signifies 逢凶化吉 féngxiōnghuàjí = to turn an inauspicious start to good account; to land on one's feet; to turn ill luck into good. The individual of Tian Xi keeps an optimistic spirit constantly; to grin all the time; to be constantly laughing. He or she appreciates having a jolly good time; to bustle with noise and excitement; festivities. The person is fond of showing off and displaying him- or herself. The native is greatly capable of activities and actions; to move about. The individual enjoys telling and listening to dirty jokes.

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