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祿存 Lu Cun

Translated from here.

- Yin Earth (Ji 己)

- puts forth 爵禄 juélù = rank of nobility and its salary; ranks and stipends; titles and stipends; dignities and emoluments

- Lu Cun signifies rank, wealth, and long life

- this star has the ability to dissolve and remove adversity and distress

Looks, appearance: The person of Lu Cun is generously proportioned. He or she is well-rounded, plump.

Disposition: The native is abundantly compassionate, kind, gentle, and merciful. He or she is gifted in many ways; to be multi-faceted and versatile.

Individuality: The person is learned and erudite. Lu Cun signifies riches and honour; wealth and rank. The native is brittle, vulnerable, and delicate. This star has to do with money, wealth, fortune. And there are many twists and turns.

      Lu Cun is a star having to do with 孤. Lu Cun gives the means to 貴 guì = expensive, costly, dear; highly valued, valuable; noble, of high rank. This star represents money, riches, wealth, property, valuables. And official pay; to draw government pay; the salary of an official. Lu Cun is capable of removing and doing away with difficulties and adversity. Lu Cun is also a guiren star.

Lu Cun has the ability to dissolve and remove calamity, disaster, and suffering. It enables 錦上添花 jǐn​shàng​tiān​huā = to make perfection still more perfect; to add flowers to the brocade; to gild refined gold; to give something additional splendour; to give an added grace to what is already beautiful.

Lu Cun is a money star and is appropriate in Ming or the Wealth palace. The individual will not run short of the basic means of subsistence; not having to worry about food and clothing.

With this star the person is comparatively liable to meet with bullying; to domineer humiliatingly; to treat somebody high-handedly; to take advantage of (somebody's weakness, etc.). The native is easily lonely and without someone to turn to. The individual is relatively isolated, solitary, reclusive.

Lu Cun is also a star enabling obtaining and getting hold of things, objects, stuff. Therefore... [?].

This star is able to remove and eliminate ominous and inauspicious stuff brought into existence by Po Jun, Lian Zhen, and Ju Men.

Lu Cun is the most afraid of Di Kong and Di Jie. Encountering those stars is called 祿逢冲破. Meeting with Hua Ji is also unlucky, things becoming broken, damaged, worn out.

Should Lu Cun be alone in the palace, prosperity will enter slowly, and in the evening. Qing Yang and Tuo Luo are always sandwiching Lu Cun. Hence the plenty and good fortune put forth by this star will arrive late, not rapidly.

With Lu Cun there is help and assistance that is steady, calm, stable, secure. Lu Cun provides with support in the capacity of being a money star.

Seeing Wu Qu # Hua Lu signifies the person becoming a miser, a Scrooge, a skinflint. If it's merely the case of Lu Cun being in the Ming palace, the native doesn't know money luck.

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