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太陰 Tai Yin

 Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- enables 富 fù = resource, property; riches, wealth

- lord of both the Property palace and the Wealth palace

- represents mother, wife, female(s)

Looks, appearance: The native is delicate, pretty, and graceful. In appearance the person is refined and elegant.

Disposition: The individual of Tai Yin is intelligent, bright, smart, and learned and erudite. This star signifies 花酒 hu
ājiǔ = drinking and making merry by courtesans; and 文章 wénzhāng = literary works, writings. Although the person is bright and clever, the native tends toward mysophobia; to have an abnormal fear or distaste for contamination or uncleanliness.

Personality type: Collaborator (providing with responses).

Individuality: Tai Yin represents 貞潔 zh
ēnjié = chaste and undefiled; chastity, virtue, purity. The person is romantic. He or she emphasises what's clean and sanitary. The individual is introverted by nature and not apt to pour out his or her inner thoughts; to have deep-running emotions. The native is smooth and evasive, slick and sly. The person has an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness. He or she is partial to merrymaking with singsong girls in attendance; feasts and drinking in the company of harlots. Tai Yin signifies wealth and riches. And property. The individual... [?].

Romance: The person is tender and amiable, graceful and restrained, and subtle and concise.

Merits: The native keeps to the working routine; to follow the prescribed order. He or she demands perfection. The individual of this star is modest and self-effacing. Treating other people the person is friendly and polite. The native is greatly able to get on well with others, being sociable. The individual is brave enough to be in charge and take responsibility. He or she is fond of learning, studying, and research. In conduct in society the person is smooth, steady, and appropriate.

Shortcomings: The native is emotional and sensitive, sentimental, melancholy and moody. The individual evade
s reality, shirking away from actual circumstances. The person lacks self-confidence. He or she is indecisive and irresolute and hesitant. The native takes to self-pity; to feel sorry for oneself; to look at one's shadow and lament one's lot. The individual is easily pessimistic. In the matters of feelings, moods, and sentiments there are twists and turns, undulations. Frequently... [?].

      Tai Yin is lord of the Property palace. It represents what is calm, still, quiet, and not moving. This star enables the ability to collect and assemble. It betokens 富 fù = property, resource, riches, wealth.

Tai Yin stands for being chaste and undefiled.

This star signifies
母親 mǔ​qīn = mother.

The person of Tai Yin is fond of
詩情畫意 shī​qíng​huà​yì = picturesque charm; what's idyllic; qualities suggestive of poetry and painting. He or she loves fantasy and stuff of the imagination.

The individual is considerate and thoughtful, and polite, gentle, and cultured. He or she understands other people's views. The native is above average able to act in concert with and cooperate with others. The person of this star is awfully capable of team work, of being part of a group or organisation.

Tai Yin has to do with attending to and looking after one's home and family.

The individual is so careful and attentive that he or she tends to nitpick; to blow apart the hairs upon a fur to discover any defect; to be fastidious. And there is also present mysophobia.

The person appreciates steadiness and stability.

The native is irresolute and hesitant, indecisive. He or she is slow to come to the fore.

Since Tai Yin is associated with the moon, being born during the night is the most appropriate, because then the stuff allowed by this star will be readily available. In the horoscope Tai Yin is the most happy in Shen, You, Xu, Hai, Zi, and Chou. The star ought to avoid Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, and Wei.

A female with Tai Yin in Ming will be a standard woman, and beautiful. Tai Yin in Ming in a man's chart is less propitious, as he'll be lacking in courage, drive, resolution, boldness.

Tai Yin transformed by Hua Ji in a man's chart means he's liable to take to homosexuality.

Tai Yin represents
談情說愛 tán​qíng​shuō​'ài = billing and cooing; to discuss passion and talk of love; to express love with terms of endearment. Thus should Tai Yin be pronounced in the cycle chart(s), it is favourable talking about marriage.

Tai Yin # Ji in the cycle chart(s) easily means the loss of one's love; to break up; to feel jilted. Or unrequited love.

With Tai Yin the native spends money on stuff having to do with romance and love.

Pros and cons

- The individual is modest, humble, unassuming, and reasonable.

- The native lacks self-confidence.

- The person follows the prescribed order; to keep to the old conventional ways of doing things.

- The individual of this star doesn't dare taking risks and chances.

- The native is of the vigour and drive to experiment; to conduct experiments.

- The person is without a target or goal.

- Thinking things through the individual is cautious and prudent.

- He or she is lacking in the ability to take action and get about.

- The native is gregarious and sociable; to get on well with others.

- The person easily compromises.

- The individual is of much adaptability.

- The native is short of definite opinions.

- The person is fond of peace and harmony.

- The individual is too weak and feeble.

- The native is of exquisite perception
s and sensibility.

- He or she is sentimental and oversensitive; always melancholy and moody.

- The person is disposed to perfection and ideals.

- The individual is not enough pragmatic and down-to-earth.

- The native is good at socialising; to engage in social functions.

- He or she... [?].

Additional associations (personages):

- 賈夫人 Jia Furen (wife of Huang Feihu [Qi Sha])

- 賈寶玉 Jia Baoyu

- 白面書生 a pale-faced scholar; a pasty-faced bookworm; an inexperienced young scholar

- 陰柔善變又溫暖的月亮小姐 [?]

- 綿羊 sheep

- 溫柔女人 a gentle and soft woman/wife


Anonymous said...

What is this for? Is it Ming palace? Tai yin in Ming?

Viktor said...


This is a general description of the Tai Yin star. It applies especially to Tai Yin in Ming, but also to Tai Yin in Shen. And the other palaces if you extrapolate.