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貪狼 Tan Lang

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- Yang Water or Wood (Ren 壬, Jia 甲)

- engenders 桃花 táohuā = peach blossom

- with Tan Lang disasters and happiness go together; sometimes there is happiness and good fortune and sometimes disaster; to rise and fall intertwiningly

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are high and exposed, the ears are big and protruding.

Disposition: The person of Tan Lang is of an inconstant nature and temperament. He or she has many plans and projects going simultaneously. The native tends toward reality and what is actual and real. The individual can hardly avoid having much to worry about.

Personality type: Initiator (taking risks and chances).

Individuality: The native is of desires, longings, cravings. He or she absorbs, assimilates, takes up, digests. The person appreciates communication and social intercourse; to socialise, to engage in social functions. The individual is opportunistic, taking to gambling and speculating in risky adventures; to seize a chance to seek private gain. He or she is inquisitive and full of curiosity. The person emphasises the physical, matter, material things. The native is fond of having and owning; to possess, to occupy, to hold. This star stands for 官非 guān​fēi = lawsuit; to quarrel with officials. Tan Lang also represents 邪惡 xié​'è = wicked, vicious, vile; and 凶狠 xiōng​hěn = cruel, vengeful, fierce and malicious. The individual strives for achievements. The person tends toward social niceties, dinner parties, social interaction. Confronting difficulties and challenges the native uses estimates and logic.

Romance: The individual is of an heroic spirit, being bold, daring, and fearless.

Merits: The person is multi-talented and versatile; to be gifted in many ways, all-round. The native is smart, clever, quick, and sharp. And ingenious, tactful, and shrewd. He or she is good at communication and social intercourse. The person of Tan Lang is of a strong ability to learn and study. The individual is resourceful and full of stratagems. The native is out-and-out ambitious. In the matters of life and living the person is variegated and multifarious; to be multicoloured and of many postures. The individual will often receive help and assistance from the opposite sex.

Shortcomings: The native is greedy, wanting too much too soon. The individual does not enjoy being thorough and penetrating something deeply. He or she is self-willed, unruly, wayward, and stubborn. The person lacks perseverance. The native likes the new and hates the old; to be enamoured with new people, bored with the old; to be fickle in affection. The individual appreciates learning new things, but is refined and proficient in few subjects. He or she has a voracious desire for pleasure and what's joyous. The person is of powerful appetites, desires, and longings.

      Tan Lang signifies 慾望 yù​wàng = cravings, longings, desires. The native is licentious and wanton; to be easy in one's morals. This star facilitates a whole lot of peach blossom. The individual is versatile and multi-talented. Tan Lang means emphasis on love, romance, and relationships. The person has a voracious desire for sensual pursuits; wine and women; unrestrained indulgences. The native lusts after physical things. The individual is insatiably avaricious; to have an unlimited desire for more; to be greedy and never satisfied. The person is restless, energetic, and sly. He or she is smooth and slick establishing social relations; to be pleasant all round; to be all things to everybody.

The native of this star is of multiple masks and guises. He or she is clever, intelligent, bright, and smart. The individual is careful and attentive.

The person is suited for the performing arts.

With Tan Lang the native emphasises interpersonal relationships.

The individual appreciates freedom and does not enjoy being restricted and restrained.

In the horoscope the palace position of Tan Lang indicates and area of life where one has cravings and desires.

Tan Lang is one of the stars enabling a person being wise and resourceful. Tan Lang is the number one peach blossom star. The native is fond of literature and art. The person possesses the gift of the gab; to be an eloquent and fluent speaker. The native is of the courage to display him- or herself; to show off; to perform. The individual is inherently enthusiastic, passionate, lively, brisk, and active. The person is capable of truly super-sweet and honeyed words and speech. Commonly the native brings about vitality and esprit.

The person of this star is an expert at communication, social interaction, dinner parties, social niceties. In the case of the chart of a man he loves frequenting pleasure houses. In a woman's horoscope she'll have trouble being satisfied with only one partner.

Because Tan Lang is a peach blossom star, the individual has excellent predestined affinity with the opposite sex. The odds are high that he or she will tend toward 逢場作戲 féng​chǎng​zuò​xì​ = to join in the spirit of the occasion; to chime in with others; to play along according to local conditions.

This star enables the native with a whole lot of vitality. He or she is capable of being hard-working and enduring hardships. Regarding life and living, the individual's desires and longings are quite strong. The native emphasises what's actual and real. In love and hate the individual is fickle, variable, changeable. The person also has selfish motives and is stingy and parsimonious.

Tan Lang does additionally represent 修道 xiū​dào = to practise Daoism. During his or her later years the individual is liable to engage in the practice of Daoism; to make full-time efforts to cultivate one's spiritual and religious life; to enter into religion.

The native is not especially good at saving money. The person is partial to hedonism, spending money on the pleasures of the senses.

What's beautiful makes a very strong impression on the individual. The native will therefore attach great importance to exterior beauty. The person also holds physical and material life in very high regard.

Hua Lu will deepen the individual's craving for material things. Hua Ji will decrease the native's desires.

Pros and cons

- The native is versatile and multi-talented; to be gifted in many ways.

- The individual is greedy, wanting too much too soon.

- The person is nimble, dexterous, quick-witted and sharp.

- He or she is highly changeable and mercurial, and not stable and settled.

- The native of Tan Lang loves taking risks and chances.

- The individual has a strong gambling nature.

- The person is good at seizing the initiative; to understand something well and know how to use it.

- The native is fond of being in control.

- In reactions and responses the individual is plain-spoken, forthright, rapid and quick.

- He or she is impulsive and impetuous; to lose one's head, to explode.

- The person is altogether ambitious.

- The native is of too many desires and wishes.

- In the matters of Tan Lang the individual pursues efficiency.

- The person lacks endurance and patience.

- The native is of a strong ability to implement things and carrying out stuff.

- The individual is oppressive and constricting.

- The person has extensive and wide ranging interests.

- He or she is learned in a lot of subjects but refined in few of them.

- The native is good at communication and engaging in social functions; to socialise.

- The individual is excessively slick and sly; smooth and evasive.

Additional associations (personages):

- 妲己 Daji

- 周瑜 Zhou Yu

- 好動兒 an active and restless child

- 多才多情多慾望的一匹狼 a wolf who is multi-talented, passionate, and of numerous cravings and desires

- wolf

- 社交名媛 a young lady of note partial to social interactions and dinner parties

- 花花公子 a playboy

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