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巨門 Ju Men

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- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- effectuates 暗 àn = hidden, secret; dark, dull, dim; unclear, hazy

- represents quarrels, disputes

Looks, appearance: The person of Ju Men looks unfriendly. The individual appears not easy getting close to.

Disposition: Working and handling matters, the native has a sense of propriety; to know when to come and when to leave. The person learns a lot of subjects, but is only refined in a few of them. Handling things and dealing with stuff the individual is careful, cautious, and attentive. The native does not often join in with others; there are disputes and quarrelling.

Personality type: Assistant (providing with oral communication, the spoken language).

Individuality: This star has to do with entanglements, disputes, quarrels. With Ju Men the person is inclined to deep thought, contemplation; to do some hard thinking; to chew the cud; to think or reflect deeply. The individual is sceptical and distrustful. The native takes to debating, arguing, disputing, discussing. The person is moreover insistent, possessing perseverance. Ju Men signifies 猜忌 cāi​jì = to be suspicious and jealous of. This star represents the use of the mouth and the tongue, and disputes or misunderstandings caused by gossip. Also 食祿 shí​lù = to draw an official's salary; to occupy a high position in administration. Ju Men engenders turmoil, unrest, disturbance, confusion. There could easily be a lawsuit; to quarrel right and wrong. The individual is attentive and careful, and good at analysis. The native of this star is an effective communicator both face to face with somebody and within a group, team, or organisation.

Romance: The person is honest and frank, and fond of discussions and debating.

Merits: The individual is meticulous in thinking and detailed in analysis. The native is frank and straightforward. He or she possesses the ability to concentrate. The person is of a powerful ability to understand things and grasp ideas. The individual is fair and impartial; to do stuff according to the rules. The native is unlikely to speak vaguely around a topic without getting to the point. He or she does not beat about the bush.

Shortcomings: The person is inordinately proud of his or her abilities; to be conceited and contemptuous. The individual of Ju Men is suspicious and mistrustful and good at arguing. The native has a razor sharp mouth on the outside, but is soft and mushy on the inside. There is seldom a helping hand or assistance. Convincing the person of this star is not easy.

      Ju Men puts forth 暗 àn = darkness, things are hidden and obscure, secret; dim, hazy, unclear. The individual takes to quarrelling right and wrong, and there are disputes or misunderstandings caused by gossip. This star betokens 明爭暗鬥 míng​zhēng​'àn​dòu = both open strife and veiled scuffle; overt contention and covert struggle; to be locked in constant strife; struggling in the light, fighting in the dark. Ju Men is a star that facilitates lots and lots of changes in a native's life. There are twists and turns.

The person is inclined to quarrelling what's right and wrong. Ju Men is associated with 虛偽 xū​wěi = insincerity, sham, hypocrisy, what's false and artificial. The individual keeps things in the dark, concealing stuff. The native is sceptical, mistrustful, and swift to suspect. Ju Men also stands for 陰刑 yīnxíng = castration.

Should the person take to malevolence, Ju Men will effectuate disagreements, quarrels, gossip. If the individual opts for benevolence, he or she becomes honest and sincere, warm and kind, and Ju Men will bestow the native with eloquence and the ability to expertly handle public relations.

The person is a specialist, possessing specialised technical ability or skill. Researching and studying the individual is awfully attentive and careful. With this star capability invites laboriousness. Nevertheless, the native is learned in a lot of subjects, but proficient in only a few of them. In behaviour and conduct... [?].

The individual is not altogether sociable. The native is not the one who gets on well with others the most. The person of this star tends toward 斷章取義 duàn​zhāng​qǔ​yì = to quote and interpret out of context; to take meaning from cut segment; to focus attention on one phrase without regard to the meaning of the whole piece; to quote out of context to suit one's purpose. He or she makes a fuss over a trifle; to make a mountain out of a molehill. And tends to meddle in other people's business; to be a busybody; to have a finger in every pie. The individual of Ju Men appreciates arguing and debating with others. The native easily offends people lower than him- or herself. With this star there is a little bit of the mysterious about the person. He or she is sceptical and mistrustful, and good at duping and hoodwinking other people. The individual is suspicious and jealous.

In eloquence the native is sharp and penetrating. The person does usually not have good relations with others.

Because there is rather much of debating and quarrelling, the individual is fairly often suspicious, mistrustful; and hesitant and irresolute.

Ju Men also represents eloquence. Ju Men # Hua Lu or Hua Quan means the native can make a living off of reliable and sound eloquence; to earn a living from oratorical ability.

With Ju Men marrying too early is not appropriate.

This star is indicative of toil and pains. It betokens a childhood that is full of frustrations and dashed hopes; to be down on one's luck; a bumpy road. The person will necessarily have to be hard-working and industrious and only later meet with gain, profit, and success.

If saving money... [?].

The native of Ju Men is the one who has the most doubts, possessing a suspicious frame of mind, hence he or she is a cautious and prudent consumer.

Ju Men represents being good at eloquence and the person may be an expert at sweet speech and honeyed words; to practise cajolery; to be smooth-tongued. However, sometimes the individual takes to thinking too much, and there's the occurrence of 鑽牛角尖 zuān​niú​jiǎo​jiān = to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to bash one's head against a brick wall; to split hairs. Therefore the native will easily become engaged in religion or other such practices indicative of arrangements of ideas, thoughts, the use of the mind, etc.

Pros and cons

- Thinking something through, the person is careful and thorough.

- The individual is too cautious and circumspect.

- The native does things according to the rules.

- The person is not enough flexible and accommodating.

- The individual of Ju Men seeks after what's splendid and outstanding.

- The native is partial to perfectionism.

- The person is disposed to loyalty.

- He or she takes to blind devotion.

- The individual is blunt, direct, and straightforward.

- The native is too honest and frank.

- The person is brimming with dreams and ideals.

- The individual is unrealistic, impractical, and fanciful.

- The native is diligent and industrious; to concentrate one's attention on.

- He or she is conceited and contemptuous; to be arrogant because of one's talent and ability.

- The person observes and examines down to the smallest detail; to be thorough-going; fine and detailed.

- The individual is mistrustful and suspicious.

- The native of this star is modest and humble.

- The person reduces or devalues him- or herself.

- The individual is an eloquent and fluent speaker.

- He or she... [?].

Additional associations (personages):

- 馬千金 Ma Qianjin (wife of Jiang Ziya [Tian Ji])

- 華陀 Hua Tuo

- 演講家 orator, lecturer, speaker

- 大嘴巴的長舌婦 the big mouth of a meddler/busybody

- 啄木鳥 woodpecker

- 專家 expert, specialist

- 三姑六婆 [?]

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