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太陽 Tai Yang

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- Yang Fire (Bing 丙)

- permits 貴 guì = of high rank, noble; costly, expensive, dear; highly valued, valuable

- lord of the Career palace

- betokens father, husband, male(s)

Looks, appearance: The native's looks are perfect and without blemish; and majestic and magnificent and full of power and grandeur. The individual is impressive and dignified in personal appearance.

Disposition: The person is of an awe-inspiring, majestic, and imposing character. He or she is intelligent, clever, bright, and smart. The native is loving, kind, lenient, and magnanimous. Although the individual of this star has lots of courage and drive, the person can hardly avoid being ostentatious, taking to pomp and flamboyance.

Personality type: Assistant (the ability to plan and organise).

Individuality: Tai Yang enables the native being upright and honest. He or she is enthusiastic and cordial. The individual is outspoken and straightforward. He or she is highly ambitious, hence also proud and overbearing. The person of this star is altruistic and unselfish. The individual is overly idealistic and assumes based on his or her own subjective desirability regardless of reality. The native is just and honourable; open and aboveboard; without tricks. The person takes to blind devotion, being foolishly loyal. Tai Yang facilitates riches and honour. The individual of Tai Yang tends toward providing good fortune, happiness and luck to others. He or she is fiery and forthright; upright and unyielding; straightforward and frank. The native has a selfless mind and an altruistic heart. With this star the person is effective in getting stuff going, by being good at sorting out interrelated things. He or she is systematic and takes appropriate action to get work, jobs, and tasks done.

Romance: In love the individual of Tai Yang is passionate, cordial, enthusiastic, energetic, and proactive.

Merits: The native is enthusiastic, positive, vigorous, and energetic. He or she is frank, blunt, and straightforward. The person is magnanimous. The individual takes no account of hatred and desire for revenge. The native possesses a whole lot of energy. The person is very much so eloquent, being convincing in argument.

Shortcomings: The individual has to take pains to work hard. The heart and mind are fickle, hot-tempered and impatient. There is present excessive enthusiasm. The native does easily show off and act ostentatiously; to brag. The person takes to flaunting his or her superiority by being competitive; to be eager to win. The individual monopolises responsibility. The native is fond of arguing strongly for his or her own rights and benefits. In the matter of Tai Yang the person can hardly escape from a lifetime of toil and labour.

      The Tai Yang star empowers the individual with sensing that he or she is on a mission. The native feels superior. In the individual's heart and mind there is honour and glory. And also mercy and compassion. The native is warm-hearted and enthusiastic. He or she does not fear exhausting difficulties and trouble. The individual possesses unwavering courage, daring, and resolution.

There is an unwillingness to stick to the established practice and be hidebound by convention. The native doesn't enjoy routinism. The person does not appreciate continuing in the same old rut.

The native's outward appearance is bright and beautiful. A man of Tai Yang is smart and handsome. A woman a beauty. The individual's outline is unmistakable.

The person is lenient, open-minded, and has compassion. The native is capable of exercising much forbearance, of being patient and accommodating toward others.

Tai Yang signifies sacrificing oneself, and illuminating and lighting up other people. Hence the individual is suited for the service industry or religion.

No matter what the size of the person's success and accomplishments, with this star it is difficult escaping from hard work and toil.

Tai Yang symbolises light, illumination, radiance. The native is open-hearted. Tai Yang represents 博愛 bó​'ài = universal fraternity (or brotherhood), and universal love. And 權貴 quán​guì = influential officials, bigwigs. This star is associated with the sun, thus the creation of heat. Regardless of the horoscope being that of a man or a woman, the person stands for love and kindness, being generous, magnanimous, and fond of offering help to others.

The Tai Yang individual has a free and easy, unrestrained, nature and temperament.

Tai Yang also represents Dāna. The native is happy to be of service to the masses, the great bulk of the population. Nevertheless, due to excessive enthusiasm, the person will easily brag and show off. There is... [?].

With Tai Yang the individual has leadership potential. He or she is of the vigour and drive to initiate stuff; to found, to establish, to break new ground; to launch, to venture.

The native likes being in control and commanding and directing others. He or she does not appreciate being restricted or constrained. The person is powerfully competitive; the intention to win is very strong. The individual is fond of upholding his or her own viewpoint; to safeguard one's own rights and benefits. The native is inclined to much ego-consciousness.

Tai Yang represents vitality and drive, and is lord of the Career palace, hence in the horoscope it puts forth rank, fame, and glory more than wealth and riches.

This star signifies father, husband, son. It also represents 機關 jī​guān = organisations, establishments, institutions; 政界 zhèng​jiè = political and government circles; 眼睛 yǎn​jing = the eyes; 頭腦 tóu​nǎo = brains, mind, skull.

Tai Yang is the most fond of Hua Lu.

Concerning Tai Yang [the sun], it is appropriate being born during the day. Should the individual be born during the night, Tai Yang becomes somewhat mediocre.

Tai Yang ought to avoid Xu, Hai, Zi, and Chou. The star treasures Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, and Wu.

The native usually has some far-reaching and ambitious target/goal/objective he or she is step by step moving towards, and this will often demand spending money and engaging in mental and physical efforts. Yet the individual of Tai Yang is the one who adheres the least to the concept/idea of numbers and figures what with consumption and expenditures.

The person... [?].

Pros and cons

- The individual is cordial, enthusiastic, energetic and proactive.

- The native is too much in charge; to control, take care of, manage.

- The person is loyal, being partial to fidelity.

- The individual takes to blind devotion.

- In behaviour and conduct the native considers other people's needs; to give thought to others.

- The person negates him- or herself.

- The individual is able to bear hardships and hard work.

- He or she has to labour and toil with both mind and body.

- The native of Tai Yang is straightforward and outspoken.

- Speaking and talking the person is too frank and direct.

- The individual seeks after what's outstanding and splendid.

- The native is disposed to perfectionism.

- The person is very accepting and embracing.

- The individual becomes inactive and passive.

- With Tai Yang the native assumes responsibility.

- He or she monopolises authority and position.

- The person has high expectations for him- or herself.

- The individual has dreams and ideals that are too high.

- The native takes to greeting and answering and responding.

- He or she becomes excessively involved; to throw oneself into, to participate in, engrossed.

Additional associations (personages):

- 比干 Bi Gan

- 曹植 Cao Zhi

- 包青天 Bao Qingtian

- 熱情直率虛無的火花 a spark that... [?]

- 孔雀 peacock

- 男人 a man, a male, men

- 日 the sun; a day

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