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七殺 Qi Sha

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- Yin Fire or Metal (Ding 丁, Xin 辛)

- effectuates 將星 = 大將 dàjiàng = a senior general, a high-ranking officer [將 jiàng = a general; commander in chief, the chief piece in Chinese chess; to command, to lead]

- this star betokens sternness, harshness; meeting Zi Wei Qi Sha becomes a representative of authority and power

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are slanting, the eyes big. The person has the appearance of bull-headed heroism; to fight tigers bare-handed and wade rivers.

Disposition: The individual of Qi Sha vacillates between happiness and anger, delight and fury. The native is impatient and not disposed to changelessness. Although the person can be of power and influence, he or she is also a bit too intense, vehement, and fierce.

Personality type: Initiator (having the ability to make wise judgments).

Individuality: Qi Sha enables might and bravery. There is emphasis on... [?]. The person is particular about justice and righteousness. The individual is firm, unwavering, and resolute. He or she is stern, austere, and harsh. The native is fiery and forthright, upright and unyielding. The person is also short-tempered, irritable, hot-headed, and explosive. Qi Sha gives the means to 戰出 zhànchū = warfare, fights, battles. And 權威 quán​wēi = authority and power and prestige. The individual additionally acts impetuously; to be swayed by one's emotions. When something becomes necessary and pressing, the person of this star is able to very quickly make a strategic decision and come through.

Romance: The native is partial to 率性而為 shuàixìngérwéi = [?].

Merits: The individual of Qi Sha is broad-minded, being open and upright. The person is unafraid of challenges, not fearing throwing down the gauntlet or challenging to battle. In bearing and mien the native is magnanimous and easy-mannered; natural and relaxed. Reacting and responding the individual is clever, quick, and sharp. The person has a strong sense of justice and is ready to help the weak; to be chivalrous. The individual does not bother about trifles.

Shortcomings: The native is impulsive. He or she is... [?]. The person takes risks and chances, being opportunistic and inclined to gambling. The individual does not take into account what are the consequences of action taken; to disregard the aftermath. Speech and talk easily lead to conflict and contention. There are difficulties distinguishing between good and evil. The native has to go through great changes in life. The person can hardly avoid loneliness.

      Qi Sha brings about 成敗 chéng​bài = success or failure; 生死 shēng​sǐ = life and death; 權柄 quán​bǐng = command and authority. Etc. This star signifies 威勇 wēiyǒng = power, might, and bravery. The person is akin to a person devising strategies in a military tent. The individual is rational and independent; to stand alone. The native tends toward 衝鋒陷陣 chōng​fēng​xiàn​zhèn = to charge forward; to charge and break through the enemy lines; to charge and shatter enemy positions; to fight bravely for a just cause; to go through water and tread on fire. The person takes risks and chances, and... [?]. The individual is trustworthy; to speak and keep one's promise; to be as good as one's word; to always stand by one's word. Should there be a hesitancy over something, the native is able to very rapidly resolve the situation.

The person of this star is fierce, ferocious, vigorous, energetic, and proactive. Qi Sha effectuates standing alone, being independent and self-ruling. Therefore, the individual will feel lonely and that nothing or no one is capable of offering solace or meaning. Family relationships are indifferent, cold in manners, weak.

In style and mode the individual is straightforward, outspoken, sprightly, lucid and lively. He or she is efficient; neat and tidy.

The native is extremely capable of getting used to stuff; to be adaptable to circumstances.

The person is rather moved by justice and fairness. The individual loathes dallying and following routines without thinking about improvements. The native is unable to stay fixed at home; to be discontented with one's home; to be promiscuous, to sleep around; the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall. The person of this star has strong desires, longings, cravings.

Qi Sha signifies army statutes. The individual is awe-inspiring and imposing. With Qi Sha the native is unable to make up his or her mind; to mutter to oneself irresolutely. The person is subject to changing moods; to have an unpredictable temper.

In Ming or Shen the individual is of an indefinite frame of mind. Psychologically the native is sullen and heavyhearted, and feels perplexed and puzzled. Working and handling matters, he or she is liable to impulsiveness; to be impetuous, to have an urge.

Qi Sha in Ming when the person is young means being down on one's luck, to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes. And there could be a defect or fault what with the body.

The individual is not only particular about what has practical utility, what is functional. The native also emphasises famous brands.

The person has a great craving for money and wealth. There is the probability that the individual will earn a fortune. But the odds are even higher that the native will charge and break through enemy lines and die in battle.

The individual is seriously devoted to his or her work; to have professional ambition. Handling matters and working the native is determined, firm, decisive, rapid, and prompt. Regarding marriage... [?].

This star gives the means to a whole lot of adversity; to be separated in life and death; to part forever. It is appropriate visiting and supporting the parents.

Chen and Xu are called Tian Luo and Di Wang. These two palaces are favourable what with Qi Sha's unfolding.

Qi Sha is the most fond of Tian Kui, Tian Yue, Zuo Fu, and You Bi.

The Lu stars are capable of lessening the viciousness of Qi Sha. But so is Zi Wei, which transforms Qi Sha into a star betokening power and authority.

Pros and cons

- The individual is chivalrous and valiant.

- The person does not care about the consequences.

- The native loves taking risk and chances.

- He or she has a strong gambling nature.

- The individual of Qi Sha is good at seizing the initiative; to understand something well and know how to use it.

- The person appreciates being in control.

- The native has breadth of mind and is open and upright.

- The individual... [?].

- The person is of a great ability to take action and get about.

- The native is overly impulsive and impetuous; to explode, to lose one's head.

- The individual is disposed to loyalty.

- He or she doesn't separate between good and evil.

- With this star the person is brimming with self-confidence.

- The native is conceited and arrogant; to be bloated with pride; to feel high and mighty.

- In reactions and responses the individual is quick, plain-spoken and forthright.

- The person is overbearing and aggressive.

- The native pursues efficiency.

- The individual is without patience and endurance.

- The person is unafraid of... [?].

- He or she... [?].

Additional associations (personages):

- 黃飛虎 Huang Feihu

- 關羽 Guan Yu

- 遠征大將軍 an important general of a military expedition

- 殺氣凌人的大俠客 a ferocious fangs baring big/great chivalrous person/knight-errant

- tiger

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