Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tian Ji in Property

Translated from here.

The native is unable to depend on inheriting family property to go up in the world. The person must him- or herself strive and struggle and purchase real estate and property. Therefore, there is much rushing about and being constantly on the move. It is hard to predict when the individual has to get up and when he or she can relax sitting.

When buy and selling the native is ...[?].

Tian Ji # Lu: Regarding house/building, the more change/renew/shift, the more big/large. When purchasing real estate the person is partial to having and following a plan.

Tian Ji # Quan: The individual very much so emphasises 擺設 bǎishè = to furnish and decorate; an ornament, decorative items.

Tian Ji # Ke: ...[?].

Tian Ji # Ji: Moving house and decorating and putting a residence in order is knotty and troublesome.

Tian Ji and Tai Yin: With a high rating the native is able to buy property and real estate. With a a low rating there isn't much luck.

Tian Ji and Ju Men: In Mao: the person can hold on to family property. In You: the individual isn't able to conserve family property. First there is lots of property, afterwards little.

Tian Ji and Tian Liang: The native is capable of purchasing very much property and real estate. In his or her later years the person will be wealthy. With the presence of any of the six inauspicious stars, the individual is completely without property.

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