Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tian Fu in Ming

Translated from here.

When Tian Fu is in Ming the individual is mild, gentle, courteous and dignified. He or she is versatile and gifted in many ways. The native is broad-minded and big-hearted. The person is someone who is outstanding and splendid. However, the individual does easily tend toward idleness and inactivity; to be lazy and slothful. As a result the native will lack development and progress and the devotion and drive to start things and initiate stuff. These shortcomings are only overcome should the person happen upon problems, difficulties, misfortune and bad luck. In all cases the individual comes across guiren who provides with help and assistance. Therefore, Tian Fu in this palace denotes a lifetime of having it according to one's wishes.

Regarding career, generally speaking, ... [?], for example the secure job or employment of a government functionary; ... [?]; or... [?]. And so on.

Tian Fu and Zi Wei: Material life is fine, the person being affluent and well-off. But, stuff to do with the spirit and mind is fairly meaningless and hollow. The individual is good at managing finances. In behaviour and conduct the native is decent and upright. Working and handling matters the person takes to 一板一眼 yībǎnyīyǎn = to follow a prescribed pattern in speech or action; to be very careful of rules; scrupulous and methodical. The individual is trustworthy; to keep one's word. When Tian Fu and Zi Wei are in Ming it is important for the native that both him- or herself and the family/household happen upon enjoyments and pleasure.

Tian Fu and  Wu Qu: The person is of great force when voicing his or her opinions and communicating. The individual's mind and brains are geared toward business. The native pays particular attention to established practices and rules; customs. In behaviour and conduct the person is circumspect and careful, timid and cautious. He or she doesn't stir up quarrels. In action the individual is conservative, guarded and hidebound. When these two stars are in the Ming palace the native is able and efficient; to know a thing or two. Re philosophy and life values the person puts fairly much emphasis on materialism; to be money-oriented.

Tian Fu and Lian Zhen: In behaviour and conduct the individual is penny-pinching and stingy. The native is good at social contact and social niceties; to engage in social activities, to have social intercourse. He or she has good predestined affinity with the opposite sex. In conduct and behaviour the person with Tian Fu and Lian Zhen in Ming is subjective and arrogant. In life the individual emphasises and values power, influence, status, position, and wealth and money. The native rather overlooks and neglects spiritual stuff and what's of the mind; psychological.

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