Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tian Xiang in Ming

Translated from here.

In conduct and behaviour the native is good-natured and honest and sincere. The individual is mild, gentle and kind. Treating other people the person is upright and honourable. Handling stuff and executing things the native of Tian Xiang is careful and cautious, and tends toward justice and righteousness. The individual is steady and earnest and is partial to 樂善好施 lèshànhàoshī = to be happy in doing good; to love to do philanthropic work; always ready to help in a worthy cause. The person is someone who has success.

Although Tian Xiang is an auspicious star, the native will still have to work hard and toil. Therefore, when Tian Xiang is in Ming success is dependent on 一分耕耘,一分收穫 yīfēngēngyún, yīfēnshōuhuò = you reap what you sow; you get what you put in.

Tian Xiang and Zi Wei: The individual is considerate and honest, and upright and decent. He or she possesses specialised technique or skill. The person appreciates issuing orders and commands. Often the native presents opinions and ideas to his or her boss and senior officials. Still, the individual abides by the rules and is ardent and warm-hearted. He or she is fond of being of assistance and help to other people.

Tian Xiang and Wu Qu: The person has a lifetime of life and living being steady and smooth; even and stable. Re material life the native won't be short of supplies and money, etc. ... [?]. But, should the person become engrossed with it, he or she takes to 全力以赴 quán​lì​yǐ​fù = an all-out-effort; to make all attempts; to try one's best. The native has a sense of responsibility and tends toward fairness and justice. The individual furthermore appreciates meddling in other people's business; to be a 'nosy Parker'. Still, when coming across tension and pressure the person may flinch and shrink back.

Tian Xiang and Lian Zhen: In behaviour and conduct the native is good-natured and kind-hearted. The individual is highly intelligent and of much knowledge and wisdom. He or she is clever, smart, bright and protean; to be multi-talented. The person appreciates wielding power and exercising control. The native has leadership abilities. Dealing with stuff and handling affairs the individual is prudent, cautious, guarded and conservative. Re philosophy of life and values the person emphasises 明哲保身 míngzhébǎoshēn = to be worldly-wise and play safe; cautious in order to save one's own skin; to be wise for the sake of personal survival; keep discreetly out of harm; stay quiet for self-protection.

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