Sunday, 20 November 2011

Po Jun in Property

Translated from here.

Po Jun does stand for change, destruction, and ... [?]. Consequently, when Po Jun is in this palace, and re property and real estate, the person frequently meets with 進出 jìnchū = incoming and outgoing; to go through; discrepancies, inconsistencies.

Po Jun # Lu: The person is easily of the urge to get hold of a huge house/building/apartment. He or she should take note of whether there is enough money.

Po Jun # Quan: The native wants to decorate and fit up and renovate his or her own house.

Po Jun and Zi Wei: The individual can get rid of family property and afterwards the person him- or herself buys real estate.

Po Jun and Wu Qu: The native is unlikely to appreciate buying property. Should he or she have real estate, the person is not able to keep hold of it for very long.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen: When young the individual sells of real estate and property. When middle-aged/old the native has property and real estate.

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