Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tai Yang in Ming

Translated from here.

In appearance and features the person is well proportioned. The body is tall and strong; stalwart, burly. The native with Tai Yang in Ming is outspoken and straightforward; bold and uninhibited. He or she is innately honest and kind-hearted. The individual's likes and dislikes are clearly demarcated. The person is daring in love and daring in hate.

Treating other people the native is warm-hearted and enthusiastic. As a result, he or she is esteemed and revered by friends. The individual of Tai Yang is someone who is in the limelight.

As regards career, generally speaking, the person is the most suited to a position where he or she can assume personal responsibility; to take charge of a section; to be able to take charge of a department on one's own. For example statesman, politician; carpenter; construction and building activities; engineer.

Tai Yang # Lu: This star combination in Ming betokens a boss, master, store-owner, business proprietor. A manager, chief, director, supervisor. Someone who is in charge.

Tai Yang # Quan: The native is firm and unyielding. He or she tends toward entrepreneurship; to venture. The individual is stubborn and persistent. He or she is fond of showing off and displaying him- or herself. The person is of a powerful intention to win and have success.

Tai Yang # Ji: These two stars in Ming are unfavourable for a man. He'll meet with hard work and toil. Tai Yang means being too much of a hen/busybody. Transformed by Hua Ji there are temper issues. The native gets angry; to lose one's temper. He or she doesn't obtain popularity and good relations with other people.

Tai Yang and Tai Yin: The individual can have a double/dual/twofold personality - sometimes the native is awfully bold and unconstrained, now and then he or she is oversensitive and sentimental. Regarding philosophy of life and values, the person is wishy-washy; to be driven and tossed by the wind; wavering, indecisive. On the outside the individual seems good-natured treating other people, and tender and soft and gentle, and of much emotion and feeling. However, frequently the native spends way too much time thinking things over and misses out on opportunities and chances.

Tai Yang and Ju Men: The person is cordial and enthusiastic, candid and straightforward. The individual is, at heart, persistent and stubborn. The native is moreover good at eloquence. Working and handling matters the person is diligent, industrious and of a desire to do better; an urge for improvement. But, these two stars in Ming mean too much hard work. Often the native pursues an impractical and overly ambitious goal, and there is the manifestation of 有頭無尾 youtóuwúwěi = to start but not finish; to fail to carry things through; to give up something halfway; to have a beginning but no end; to leave something unfinished.

Tai Yang and Tian Liang: In behaviour and conduct the person is friendly, zealous, magnanimous and easy-mannered. Generously and big-heartedly the individual helps and assists other people. The native is upright, staunch, firm and unyielding. Re speech the person is straightforward and outspoken and easy being in contact with. The individual is easy-going, open-minded, cheerful, optimistic and generous. He or she does not take part in bickering and disputes with other people. The native lays equal stress on both money and status.

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