Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tan Lang in Property

Translated from here.

Tan Lang represents being multifaceted and versatile. However, the individual has weak predestined affinity with property and real estate. As a result of being versatile and gifted in many ways there's a wish to show off and flaunt superiority and exhibit power. Seeking after real estate there's now and then the instance of 不擇手段 bùzéshǒuduàn = by fair means or foul; by hook or by crook; use all kinds of methods; to resort to every expedient. Frequently the person borrows money from others to buy property. The native is unable to come up with his or her own money. Hence there is instability related to real estate and the individual can run the risk of going bankrupt.

Tan Lang # Lu: The person is fond of buying luxurious real estate. Still, the individual should estimate his or her own strength and abilities and act accordingly. In the cycle charts, peach blossom.

Tan Lang # Quan: The native appreciates taking a house and putting it on order and decorating it gorgeously; to make it very gorgeous and splendid.

Tan Lang # Ju: There are numerous peach blossom disputes. In the natal horoscope, a lifetime. In the big cycle chart, a decade.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei: The person can inherit family property.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu: During his or her later years the individual can have property and real estate.

Tan Lang and Lian Zhen: The native can inherit family property. However, he or she isn't especially good at preserving the accomplishments of the previous generations.

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