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The minor stars in the Ming palace

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祿存 Lu Cun

In appearance and looks the person is pretty and delicate. He or she is intelligent, clever and quick-witted. The native with Lu Cun in Ming is innately kind-hearted and good and honest. The individual does moreover have a lifetime of financial resources entering unceasingly. The person of this star is someone who is hardworking and frugal; industrious and thrifty.

If the native does not hold that wealth is the most important thing in life, if he or she isn't attached to money and becomes miserly, certainly the individual can happen upon a lifetime of everything going smoothly; in satisfactory circumstances. The person will be carefree and free from all anxieties.

天馬 Tian Ma

The native is impatient and anxious to seek change and forge ahead and go forward. Handling affairs and dealing with stuff the individual is excessively rapid and hurried. He or she is active, restless and energetic. When Tian Ma is in Ming the person is constantly trying to circulate, roam and be on the move; to go from place to place; to be mobile; to wander about. The native is someone who tends toward external and foreign affairs and diplomacy; to mix, intersect, exchange, communicate.

A prerequisite for the individual of Tian Ma to have success is leaving for another place to strive and struggle; to go away from one's native place; to live far from home; to leave for a foreign land.

When this star is in Ming it is appropriate leaving for another place to earn a living and seek success.

左輔 Zuo Fu

With Zuo Fu in Ming the person is loyal, faithful, devoted, staunch and true-hearted. The native is honest and sincere and good-natured. He or she is seriously venerated by others.

Zi Wei, Hua Quan, Hua Ke in configuration: regardless of whether the individual goes for a civilian post or a military position, he or she can become very rich. Money and career are both very good.

Zuo Fu # Ke: The person happens upon guiren. Zuo Fu signifies guiren who is in the open; the native receives help and backing that is in the open, straightforward, immediate. In the cycle charts: adversity and distress is dissolved and removed.

右弼 You Bi

The native is devoted, staunch, true-hearted, faithful and loyal. He or she is good-natured, honest and sincere. The individual... [?]. Treating other people the person is forgiving. Working and handling stuff the native adheres to having a plan/program. First there's a plan, afterwards he or she takes to action.

You Bi # Ke: The individual comes across guiren. You Bi betokens guiren who is hidden, secret, in the dark, not in the open. This kind of guiren is not possible getting close to. In the cycle charts: distress and adversity is dissolved and removed.

文昌 Wen Chang

When this star is in Ming ordinarily the native has an very high IQ. The person is moreover multi-talented, versatile and gifted in many ways. Regardless of whether the horoscope is that of a man or a woman, the individual possesses a superhuman ability to remember. His or her faculty of memory is exceptional. Because of this the native makes other people feel very inferior; to be so far behind that one can only see the dust of the rider ahead; too far behind to catch up; to gaze at another's fast progress. ...[?].

Overall, Wen Chang in Ming denotes that the person's life will be smooth, level, even, and steady and calm; to play it safe.

A strong point of Wen Chang's is literary or artistic talent and brilliance of mind.

Wen Chang # Ke: Intelligence and scholarship are fine. The individual is of much wisdom and knowledge. He or she is multi-talented and gifted in many ways. In the cycle charts: distress and adversity is removed.

Wen Chang # Ji: Wen Chang stands for reason and logic and literary talent. When Hua Ji is transforming Wen Chang the person becomes intolerant toward others. There is the occurrence of 恃才傲物 shìcái'àowù = to be arrogant because of one's talent or ability; to be conceited and contemptuous; to be inordinately proud of one's abilities; to act in undue confidence of one's ability and look down upon others.

Wen Chang is associated with documents, official dispatch, records, archives, a diploma, bill, note, bond. In the cycle charts one ought to beware issues and problems to do with these things.

文曲 Wen Qu

Wen Qu in Ming means that the person is intelligent, clever, bright, and acute of sight and hearing. The individual is learned and erudite and capable of much. If taking a state exam, the native can expect top marks; to succeed in a government examination; to emerge successful from a competitive examination.

Although... [?].

Wen Qu # Ke: Intelligence and scholarship are good. The person prefers learning to do with literature and art, such as fine art and music. In the cycle charts: adversity and distress is removed.

Wen Qu # Ji: Wen Qu indicates having literary or artistic talent and brilliance of mind. Thus when Hua Ji transforms Wen Qu the individual's language comes to be debased, filthy, vulgar and in poor taste. In romance and relationships, when voicing his or her opinion, the native becomes inarticulate and senseless; the words fail to convey what is meant; poorly expressed. The person is misunderstood.

Wen Qu has to do with official dispatch, records, archives, documents, a diploma, note, bill, bond. In the cycle charts one should beware issues related to these things.

天魁 Tian Kui

The individual obtains assistance and help from guiren. There is the case of 逢凶化吉 féngxiōnghuàjí = to turn bad luck into good fortune; to land on one's feet. The native has a lifetime of everything going smoothly.

Ordinarily when Tian Kui is in Ming the person is intelligent, clever, bright and smart. Treating other people the individual is friendly, polite and amiable. The native is furthermore dignified, awe-inspiring, majestic and stately. The person of Tian Kui is someone who is powerful and prosperous. Therefore, always the individual is able to pull through; to take a turn for the better and be out of danger. Disaster and misfortune is turned into happiness and good luck.

However, the native receives an equal amount of both success and adversity. Frequently the more problems the person encounters, the more significant will be his or her accomplishments, and the more there's the manifestation of 飛黃騰達 fēihuángténgdá = to rise to a position of great importance; to make one's way in the world; to strike oil; to make rapid advances in one's career; to have a meteoric rise.

天鉞 Tian Yue

Throughout his or her life the native is supported and assisted by guiren. Meeting with setbacks, defeats, frustrations and disappointments, guiren appears and provides with assistance and aid and the person is able to avoid misfortune and adversity.

Overall, when Tian Yue is in Ming the individual can expect success in his or her career.

火星 Huo Xing

The person is firm, unyielding, staunch and tough. He or she is fiery, urgent, intense and fierce.

If the individual goes for a military post when Huo Xing and Tan Lang are together in Ming with a high rating, certainly the native can have success and ascend to a high position.

Hua Lu in configuration: the person is of power, influence and might. The native has a lifetime of great luck and great profit; everything is thriving.

鈴星 Ling Xing

Ling Xing in Ming is similar to Huo Xing in this palace. The native is staunch, tough, unyielding and firm. He or she is urgent, fiery, intense and fierce.

If Ling Xing is sharing palace with Tan Lang, the individual can reside in a high position; eminent status, top job. Financial resources enter unceasingly. Stuff to do with money and career is all very satisfactory.

Ling Xing, Tan Lang and Hua Lu: In his or her career and circumstances to do with money the person can expect the sudden arrival of profit and gain; to burst out suddenly.

擎羊 Qing Yang

The person is ferocious, fierce and savage. He or she is resolute and steadfast, and firm and unwavering. The native with Qing Yang in Ming is moreover intense, fiery, furious, severe, and impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head. Therefore, regardless of area of life, the individual must be careful not to invite disaster in the upper part of the body.

陀羅 Tuo Luo

This star represents 孤寂 gūjì = lonesome, desolate; 是非 shìfēi = disputes, right and wrong; 怠惰 dàiduò = idle, lazy, indolent, slothful. And even more so 流浪 liúlàng = to roam about; to lead a vagrant life; to be on the drift. Consequently, Tuo Luo in Ming means that career and marriage stuff come late.

地空 Di Kong

When this star is in Ming the native is peculiar/unique/unusual. The individual sides with his or her own points of view and ways of looking at life and living. Working and handling matters the person is not capable of 正道 zhèng​dào = the right way, the correct path. Therefore, always the native has to work hard and be constantly on the move; to rush about.

Because Di Kong represents bankruptcy and financial losses, when this star is in Ming the individual should guard against loss of money. In order to do this he or she ought to avoid engaging in commerce.

地劫 Di Jie

The individual is bright, clever and intelligent. In reactions and responses the person is quick, sharp and keen. The native sides with his or her own thoughts and ideas and ways of looking at life. Unfortunately the individual is fond of gambling and being opportunistic; to speculate in a risky adventure. As a result, frequently he or she resorts to all sorts of side doors and dishonourable and depraved ways. Hence the person encounters numerous quarrels; questions as to who is right and wrong. The native meets with manifold complications and setbacks, both of the psychological and the material kind. Di Jie is akin to being on a boat during stormy seas.

化祿 Hua Lu

The individual's early years are marked by being independent and self-reliant; to support oneself; to stand on one's own two feet. The native is bright, smart, intelligent and clever. He or she has popularity and good relations with others. The person has growth and development and things go smoothly and without a hitch. The individual does not run short of clothes and food.

化權 Hua Quan

The native has self-confidence and pride. The individual is headstrong, willful and unruly. He or she is quick-witted and resourceful. When Hua Quan is in Ming the person is stubborn, persistent and adamant. The native is of much capacity and power. The individual possesses leadership abilities.

化科 Hua Ke

The person's appearance is delicate and pretty and he or she is appreciated by other people. In behaviour and conduct the individual of Hua Ke has personal integrity.

化忌 Hua Ji

The individual is full of frustrations and dashed hopes; a bumpy road; a rough life; to be down on one's luck. He or she... [?].

天刑 Tian Xing

The person is comparatively antisocial and reclusive. Being in contact with the individual is not easy.

天哭 Tian Ku

The native takes to loneliness and is unsociable. The person comes across hard work and what's toilsome.

In behaviour and conduct the individual is pessimistic and dispirited. He or she appreciates fantasy, mysticism, daydreaming, delusion. The native is fond worrying him- or herself needlessly; to torture oneself with unpleasant thoughts; to bring trouble on oneself. The person has a lifetime of rushing about and being constantly on the move and working hard. When Tian Ku is in Ming the individual's fate during infancy/childhood is not good.

龍池 Long Chi

The person is clever and quick-witted. He or she is elegant, refined and polished. The individual is also of reputation/fame/standing. But, the native does moreover have a good opinion of him- or herself; to think highly of oneself; to be arrogant and self-important.

風閣 Feng Ge

The individual is quick, nimble and swift, and pays particular attention to external beauty. He or she worries about losing face; to be proud of one's reputation; sensitive about losing prestige.

紅鸞 Hong Luan

The native is optimistic, hopeful, easy-going, open-minded and cheerful. The individual is brisk, lively, active, restless, energetic, and has predestined affinity with the opposite sex. However, the person does also love vanity. Throughout his or her life the native is changeable, mercurial, varied.

天喜 Tian Xi

The person is fond of festivities and what's lively and mirthful; to bustle with noise and excitement; to have a jolly good time. The native is vivacious, brisk, energetic, restless and active, and has predestined affinity with the opposite sex. When Tian Xi is in Ming the individual tends toward 随遇而安 suí​yù​'ér​'ānis = flexible and ready to adapt; to accept circumstances with good will; to make the best of things; to take the world as it is.

The person appreciates gambling and speculating in a risky adventure.

Often the native goes to places and roves; to drift in the tide; to lead a wandering existence. He or she does not enjoy staying at home.

孤辰 Gu Chen

The individual takes to loneliness and is stubborn and obstinate. The person is dispirited and inactive. There is the occurrence of 不近人情 bù​jìn​rén​qíng = not amenable to reason; to be unreasonable.

寡宿 Gua Su

In his or her innermost being the native is mistrustful and suspicious and unreasonable; not amenable to reason. It is not easy being in contact with the person. The individual has a 神精 character/nature.

天才 Tian Cai

The person is of talents and skill. The individual is intelligent, bright, clever, sharp-witted and perceptive. The native is upright and benevolent.

天壽 Tian Shou

The individual is hardworking and diligent. In behaviour and conduct the person is honest and considerate, being mild and moderate. When Tian Shou is in the Ming palace the native has longevity.

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