Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Qi Sha in Parents

Translated from here.

The parents are stubborn and adamant; to be set in one's ways, to cling tenaciously to one's opinion. They are overbearing and tend toward 霸道 bàdào = despotic rule; tyranny; to rule by might. In all matters they demand that the individual obey them unconditionally. As a result, there is a very deep gap between the native and his or her parents. The person and his or her parents are forever set against each other; to be in opposing or confronting positions.

Qi Sha does moreover represent 凶 xiong = ominous, inauspicious; unproductive, bad for crops, threatened with famine; ferocious, fierce; terrible, fearful; act of violence, murder. It stands for loneliness; to be isolated. Consequently, when young possibly the individual was separated from his or her parents and had to be independent and stand alone.

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