Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tan Lang in Parents

Translated from here.

The feelings and affections between the person and his or her parents are weak and thin. There is the occurrence of 形同陌路 xíngtóngmòlù = to become estranged. If the individual goes away from his or her native place and leaves the parents, possibly things could be better. If the native does not depart from the parents, even though there is material wealth, psychologically the individual will suffer and happen upon much loneliness.

Tan Lang # Lu: The parents have longevity.

Tan Lang # Quan: Mentally the parents are candid and straightforward.

Tan Lang # Ji: The parents tend toward 風流 fēngliú = amorous, romantic, licentious, dissolute; refined, tasteful, elegant; unrestrained in spirit and behaviour. Possibly they are unrealistic, impractical and fanciful.

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