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Wu Qu in Ming

Translated from here.

When this star is in Ming the individual has a lifetime of money luck.

But, the person of this star is fiery and forthright, upright and unyielding. He or she tends toward loneliness and independence; to repudiate others. This is appropriate for a man, but not so for a woman.

Generally speaking, Wu Qu is an auspicious star. However, re marriage and wedding, it effectuates twists and turns. Still, if the native is able to strive for mastery and aim for the best results, being hardworking and industrious and frugal and thrifty, middle-aged certainly he or she happens upon great luck and great profit; to become very wealthy. The individual has an impressive amount of property and possessions.

When Wu Qu is in Ming the person is somewhat irascible and impetuous. The native... [?].

Wu Qu # Lu: There is upright money. The individual is unyielding and adamant. His or her mind is geared toward earning money. Engaging in commerce the person has good fortune and great profit and can become very rich.

Wu Qu # Quan: The native is partial to 獨當一面 dúdāngyímiàn = to assume sole responsibility for a certain sector or task. He or she is able to independently play a leading role and bear a heavy responsibility. Therefore, going for a military position is the most appropriate.

Wu Qu # Ke: The individual can have accomplishments in literature. Should the person choose to research and study literature, he or she can expect to win success and recognition.

Wu Qu # Ji: The native has a lifetime permeated with thistles and thorns. Whenever there is a problem or concern, side issues keep arising; a new branch grows out of a knot; unexpected difficulties; bristling with complications and difficulties. A whole lot of unfavourable and adverse circumstances come into being.

Wu Qu and Tian Fu: The individual is of great force when communicating and voicing his or her opinions. The person's brains and mind are geared toward business. The native pays particular attention to rules and established practices; customs. In behaviour and conduct the individual is careful and circumspect, cautious and timid. He or she does not stir up quarrels. In action the person is conservative, hidebound and guarded. When these two stars are in Ming the native is able and efficient; to know a thing or two. Concerning philosophy and life values the individual puts fairly much emphasis on materialism; to be money-oriented.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang: This star combination in Ming means development and growth when middle-aged and not when young. When middle-aged the person is able to prosper and thrive. Having Wu Qu and Tan Lang in this palace the native is of a powerful self-confidence. In behaviour and conduct the individual is diligent and hardworking and has to labour and toil with both mind and body. Always the person relies on him- or herself and does not ask other people for help. Regularly the native measures life's worth by whether there are success and accomplishments in his or her career.

Wu Qu and Tian Xiang: The individual has a lifetime of life and living being smooth and steady; stable and even. Re material life the person won't be short of supplies and money, etc. ... [?]. But, should the individual throw him- or herself into it, he or she takes to 全力以赴 quán​lì​yǐ​fù = an all-out effort; to try one's best; to make all attempts. The person has a sense of responsibility and tends toward justice and fairness. The native is moreover fond of meddling in other people's business; to be 'nosy Parker'. Still, when coming across pressure and tension the individual may flinch and shrink back.

Wu Qu and Qi Sha: The person is staunch, tough, firm, stubborn and intransigent. Working and handling matters the native is resolute and decisive; categorical; to speak in unequivocal terms; without mincing words. The individual does not admit defeat and is strongly eager to win. In thought and thinking he or she is awfully direct and immediate. It is unlikely that the person will speak in a roundabout way; to beat about the bush. The native is daring in love and daring in hate. Love and hate are moreover clearly demarcated.

Wu Qu and Po Jun: The individual is firm, tough and staunch. The person is of an adventurous spirit; to risk danger; to tempt one's fate; to run the hazard; to take a risk or chance. He or she is easily impetuous; to have an urge. The native is fond of wielding power. When these two stars are in Ming the individual has a lifetime of toil and hard work and being busy running about. Success and failure are not at all stable; to move up and down; to undulate greatly. Taking risks and chances the person is fond of staking everything on one throw; to win the horse or lose the saddle; to put all one's eggs in one basket; to risk everything on a single venture. He or she takes no account of what will be the consequences.

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