Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Qi Sha in Ming

Translated from here.

The individual is independent and stands alone; to be one's own master. The person is complacent and self-satisfied; to be enormously proud of one's success; to look like the cat who ate the canary; fully satisfied or contented. The native has very much self-respect and self-esteem. He or she is moreover not fond of taking orders from others. Therefore, the individual often becomes moody and temperamental; to be subject to changing moods; to have an unpredictable temper. The person is sometimes overcast, now and then sunny.

But, the native is also able to be persistent and persevering, and show restraint and exercise patience. As a result, the individual is not likely to arouse dislike and incur hatred and generate enemies.

The person of Qi Sha is very much so competitive and strongly eager to win; to have a desire to excel; to seek to be number one. Thus he or she can not bear defeat and loss. Sometimes, because of a failure or defeat, the native becomes distressed, hesitating, unhappy and gloomy. He or she becomes cowardly and weak and doesn't dare confronting reality.

Qi Sha and Zi Wei: On the outside the individual is serene and calm and placid. On the inside he or she is staunch, unyielding and firm. When Qi Sha and Zi Wei are in the Ming palace love and hate are clearly demarcated. The native is awfully valiant, intrepid, fierce and overpowering. The person does not appreciate opposing opinions. But, he or she is amenable to logic and reason. The individual is naturally gifted in art, and his or her endurance is strong.

Qi Sha and Wu Qu: The native is tough, staunch, firm, intransigent and stubborn. Handling matters and working the person is decisive and resolute; to speak in unequivocal terms; categorical; without mincing words. The individual doesn't admit defeat and is strongly eager to win. In thought and thinking he or she is awfully immediate and direct. It is unlikely that the native will beat about the bush; to speak in a roundabout way. The person is daring in love and daring in hate. Love and hate are furthermore clearly demarcated.

Qi Sha and Lian Zhen: The individual is firm, tough, staunch and unyielding. He or she is straightforward and candid. Handling stuff and in action the native is cautious, prudent, standpat and guarded. The person of Qi Sha and Lian Zhen has wide-ranging interests. He or she is multi-talented and all-round; to be gifted in several ways. The individual is stubbornly independent; to be one's own master; to stand alone. The native deems life's worth depends on recognition and approval for literary or artistic talents.

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