Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tai Yin in Property

Translated from here.

Tai Yin stands for 富 fù = wealthy, abundant, rich. This star in the Property palace is favourable what with getting hold of real estate, and the native can become very rich.

Tai Yin # Lu: Tai Yin is lord of the Property palace. The person can have much real estate. Sharing palace with Tai Yang there are even more opportunities of acquiring property. The individual is suited to engage in business to do with real estate and property.

Tai Yin # Quan: In the family/household woman/the wife wields power.

Tai Yin # Ke: The native appreciates a romantic ambience.

Tai Yin # Ji: For a woman, there is hard work. The person ought to take note of stuff related to arranging and decorating; to lay out, to fix up, to furnish.

Tai Yin and Tian Ji: With a high rating the individual is able to purchase real estate and property. With a low rating there is not much luck.

Tai Yin and Tai Yang: There are numerous properties.

Tai Yin and Tian Tong: There is the occurrence of 白手起家 báishǒuqǐjiā = to start from scratch; to build up from nothing. In Zi: a life/fate of great wealth. In Wu: a home/family of a comparatively good living standard.

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