Sunday, 20 November 2011

Po Jun in Happiness

Translated from here.

The native has a lifetime of being busy rushing about; to be on the move constantly; to be in a great hurry, to toil, to bustle about. Although the person every day strives and makes an effort working, he or she does not have profit and gain arriving.

Every day the individual with Po Jun in this palace is fidgety, jittery, short-tempered, annoyed and impatient. The native is unable to find mental peace.

Po Jun # Lu: The person is good at enjoyments and pleasure. He or she appreciates life and living being of much consumption and many expenditures.

Po Jun # Quan: The individual is fond of extravagant pleasures.

Po Jun and Zi Wei: The native's portion of good fortune and happiness is rather small. The person has to labour and toil with both mind and body. When old the individual can have a life of comfort and ease.

Po Jun and Wu Qu: With these two stars in the Happiness and Virtue palace the native's share of good fortune and happiness is small and shallow. The person does not happen upon rest and peace. Although his or her later years can be calm and tranquil.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen
: The individual meets with 勞神 láoshén = to disturb one's mind; to be a tax on one's mind; to worry about; to bother, trouble. The native can't locate what's calm and orderly, settled, quiet, tranquil and stable.

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