Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lian Zhen in Parents

Translated from here.

Although the parents are very diligent and attentive rearing and disciplining and teaching their children, they do also demand what's strict and stern. Still, the parents have difficulties not being irascible and impatient and tending toward 為所欲為 wéisuǒyùwéi = to act wilfully; to do whatever one likes.

Therefore, from childhood onwards the person and his or her parents have difficulties being in harmony with each other. Hence there are uninterrupted conflicts and collisions of interest. Even more so should the parents have a gambling habit. As a result, the native is partial to 離鄉背井 líxiāngbèijǐng = to depart one's hometown and relatives; to live far from home; to leave for a foreign land; to tear oneself away from one's native place. The individual goes away to strive and struggle and keeps away from his or her parents.

Lian Zhen # Lu: The person has predestined affinity with the older generation. The predestined affinity with elders of the opposite sex is even more deep and profound.

Lian Zhen # Ji: The parents, when teaching and nurturing and disciplining the native, are of fluctuating moods. Possibly they are young and dissolute, licentious, unconstrained in spirit and behaviour.

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