Friday, 30 September 2011

Tian Ji in Children

Translated from here.

The distinctive trait of the children is that they are intelligent and bright and smart. They are furthermore of an outstanding outward appearance. But, although they are clever and bright, they do not necessarily do good at school. It is unlikely that the children will enjoy conventional and formal education approaches. Therefore, in the traditional education system they do not inevitably get good grades.

Tian Ji # Lu: The children are mercurial, active, restless, and energetic. They have wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.

Tian Ji # Quan: The person's children are quick-witted and sharp, and alert and resourceful. They are good at 察言觀色 cháyánguānsè = to read people's minds by observing words and gestures; to examine words and moods for a clue as to somebody's thoughts; mind reading.

Tian Ji # Ke: The children are good at eloquence. They are suited to teaching.

Tian Ji # Ji: The individual's children are energetic and restless and ought to guard against accidents and mishaps.

Tian Ji and Tai Yin: The native's children are dignified, modest, sedate, and brainy and intelligent. They are gentle and quiet and inward-looking. Regarding things and objects, and stuff in the environment, the children take to 整理 zhěnglǐ = to tidy up, to list systematically, to arrange, to sort out, to put in order. And they lend a hand and do a good turn re household affairs.

Tian Ji and Ju Men: The children are clever and quick-witted and can talk really well; to possess the gift of the gab. The children are fair and considerate and understanding of other people's views. They have much creativity. In society they excel the common; to be manifestly superior; a crane in a flock of chickens; to be eminent above all others; to be distinguished from one's kind; to rise out of the crowd.

Tian Ji and Tian Liang: The children are intelligent, bright and smart. And have self-respect; to cherish one's good name, to have regard for oneself. The individual's children are of logic and the ability to observe and examine and analyse.

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