Friday, 30 September 2011

Tian Tong in Wealth

Translated from here.

With regard to money, the person's way of looking at it is dissimilar to other people's. It is unlikely that the native will go for acquiring wealth by illegal or unfair means. The individual does his or her utmost at work; to work as if one's life depended on it. When Tian Tong is in Wealth the native is moreover not fond of relying on the parents and the older generation. Consequently, there's frequently the case of 白手起家 báishǒuqǐjiā = to build up from nothing; to start from scratch; to rise in life by one's own efforts. The person is partial to eager devotion to his or her work and thereupon can establish a base. Middle-aged wealth and riches gradually increase.

Tian Tong # Lu: The native is well off and can live in ease and comfort, that's all. There is a shortage of doing something worthwhile, or the individual is lazy making money. Tian Tong is not fond of Hua Lu.

Tian Tong # Quan: The person has good money luck. There is the occurrence of 坐享其成 zuòxiǎngqíchéng = to enjoy the fruits of others' labour; to obtain the result of something that others have done.

Tian Tong # Ji: Earning money is not easy.

Tian Tong and Tai Yin: The native has innate money luck. Making money is easy. The individual has a lifetime of plenty and prosperity. With a high rating and coming across Lu Cun, Zuo Fu, You Bi, great wealth.

Tian Tong and Ju Men: The person's money luck is not steady and constant. His or her later years can be more satisfying.

Tian Tong and Tian Liang: Empty-handed the native can make money. Money flourishes for the individual more than it did for people in the previous generations. Encountering the six ominous stars (Qing Yang, Tuo Luo, Huo Xing, Ling Xing, Di Kong, Di Jie) the person does not make a whole lot of money, much because of 九流.

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Anonymous said...

This is true for me.

My dad had his own business and my maternal grandfather too.

I never wanted to work for them even in my school holidays 'coz I don't believe in having it easy by working for family. And I don't think it's easy working with family.

Now, I am s small business owner and didn't use my parents' money to start anything.