Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tian Tong in Siblings

Translated from here.

The native has very good dealings and contact with his or her siblings. They signify happiness, good fortune, luck. The individual receives backing and assistance.

Tian Tong # Lu: There is harmony, agreement, concord, congruence.

Tian Tong # Quan: The siblings are inactive, lazy, negligent and careless. There is mutual rejection of responsibility.

Tian Tong # Ji: This star combination in the Siblings palace means disharmony and strife.

Tian Tong and Tai Yin: There are deep and profound feelings and emotions between the individual and his or her siblings. There is mutual help and backing.

Tian Tong and Ju Men: Emotions and feelings between the person and his or her brothers and sisters are weak. There are numerous occurrences of not getting along well with each other; to be at odds, to be on bad terms.

Tian Tong and Tian Liang: There are good feelings and emotions. The native gets help and assistance.

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